Halloween pumpkins

halloween pumpkin carved in the image of frankenstein


Pumpkin carving of a kitten

Hell Kittie Kittie

pumpkin carving of the diamond jive club logo

Yes, that’s right, this year i got into the spirit and carved not 1 but 15 pumpkins, with a little assistance from none other than madame froufrou and child prodigy jessie. I then had a long week of eating nothing but pumkin muffins, soup, curry..etc.

The frankenstein is more simple than it looks, and is made with a homemade template. A sharp knife and some lino-cutters also help.

So if you want to create your own frankenstein or the like, instructions are below.

1. Find a suitable image

2.Increase the contrast on the image so you end up with a 3 tone picture. (I used the cutout filter on photoshop)

3. Print out the image at a size that fits on your pumpkin.

4. Carve out the insides of the pumpkin making sure that the face that you intend to carve is quite even and about 1.5-2cm thick.

5. Tape the image to the pumpkin, creasing it to make it fit the curve.

6. Start by carving out the white areas of the image (cutting all the way through the pumpkin). I did this by using a craft knife to score the pumpkin then a kitchen knife to cut all the way through.

7. The final step is the cut the mid tone areas. This is done by cutting away the surface or skin of the pumpkin only. Again i scored through the template with a craft knife but then a used a lino cutter to cut away the surface, – but you could also use a knife.

Hopefully next years pumpkin will be even better.


4 thoughts on “Halloween pumpkins

  1. Frankenstien is amazing. Will look forward to attemting that next Haloween. I probably need to start practising now to get it anywhere near as neat by then.

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