Felt Bird Decorations

This year I had a Christmas tree in my own home for the first time. Which meant, of course, that I didn’t actually have any decorations. So I set about making a variety from gingerbread and origami and these little felt birds. They were really easy and could be made in lots of different colours.

bird christmas tree decoration made from felt

Felt Christmas decoration

Materials: Cotton thread in red and sewing needle

Felt in red, fuschia pink and orange

2 sequins or beads

Small amount of polyester wadding or some other stuffing

Notes: Acrylic felt is widely available in craft stores and would work well for this project. I prefer to use a wool or natural fibre mix felt which I haven’t been able to find at craft shops. I used the online shop that supplied a wool viscose mix felt.

The pattern on the download is to scale if printed on standard A4 paper and makes a finished decoration that is 7.5 x 11.5cm. It can be made larger, smaller might prove too fiddly.

The black lines are to cut round, the faint grey lines are to show the position of the decorative pieces.



1)    Using the pattern on the download cut 2 of A, B, C and D in pink. Cut 2 of E, F, G and H in red. Cut 2  of I in orange.

2)    Start by sewing pieces B,C and D into place on piece E. If machine sewing use a zigzag stitch or use a blanket stitch if sewing by hand. Instructions for blanket stitch can be found at http://www.craftideas.info/html/blanket_stitch_tutorial_c.html.

3)    Then stitch E into place on the main body piece A. Add the tail feathers F, G and H again stitching them into place on A.

4)    When both body pieces are complete hand sew them together using blankets stitch. (n.b. I tried using the machine to stitch the pieces together and the result was just not as good) When there is just a small hole left stuff it lightly and stitch the remaining section.

5)    Hand stitch the pieces of beak I together and fill with a small piece of stuffing before sewing into place on the head of the bird.

6)    Hand sew your beads or sequins into place to make eyes

7)    Stitch a long loop of thread into place on the back of the bird to hang the decoration. Use trial and error to find best place for the thread.

Felt Bird Decoration pattern and instructions


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