Origami rose trees

origami rose tree for alice in wonderland themed party

As part of the aforementioned Mad Hatter themed birthday dinner Iwanted to create some mini-rose tree table decorations aka the Queens garden from Alice in Wonderland, complete with white and spray painted roses. Originally I tried to get hold of some fake roses on ebay but I missed the auction and didn’t really want to miss the opportunity of a creative challenge anyway.

I found some instructions on youtube for 3d folded roses, but be warned they are pretty damn tricky, so definitely not a first origami project. (This project could work just as well with crumpled crepe paper roses instead)

Spray painting origami roses by toya walker
Spray painting half the roses pink (I didn’t have any red paint)
Assembling roses and leaves by Toya Walker
Glueing roses to leaves(made from cut and creased 120gsm green card). Shortly after this picture I got out a glue gun which was much more successful than the UHU
Base for tree
Base for tree made with stick from neighbours garden, crumpled newspaper and masking tape.

origami roses trees on mad hatter tea party table


3 thoughts on “Origami rose trees

  1. This is a beautiful origami project! I bet you were tired of roses after making so many. Thank you for sharing this!

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