Easter Bonnet

Home made Easter bonnet for a child by toya walker

Custom made to order (can it have flowers and butterflies and bows mummy?) an Easter Bonnet for a party at nursery. In appearance at the party was ‘the easter bunny’ who made some of the poor children literally shake with fear, but then, even I was a little taken aback. Like Donnie Darko’s evil twin.

Take a look at Easter bonnet no. 2.

Easter hat for kids.Easter bonnet for child craft


8 thoughts on “Easter Bonnet

  1. You do realise the other mums hate you? If I had a child they would be wearing some sort of sailors hat made of newspaper and I would have to hate you for making something so splendid. She looks very pleased with it!

  2. The bonnet is great and the wearer very gorgeous.
    I might order one next year. For a great aunt it could be pretty wacky!

  3. Oh its just gorgeous Toya. But it was equally lovely to see a photo of Heidi. She looks so happy and thrilled with her bonnet. I hope you had a wonderful holiday? My sister said she was very sweet clinging to your skirt and hiding her face shyly? (but at the same time it didn’t sound entirely like Heidi?!…). I WILL try to call you again soon. LOVE this site by the way – your work is SO great. Love, Hels ( and Theo!)xx

  4. Stephen Jones eat your heart out! like Lucia i’d like to put in an order, something for weddings/ascot maybe?! did you enjoy the exhib at V&A last year? thought it was wonderful!

  5. Great idea, couldn’t make it like yours, but this is our version. Thank you for inspiration 😘
    I couldn’t find how to attach the image sorry

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