Cutout Crown

Inspired by the news that the chances of marrying a prince are down by 50% in the UK, a creation to indulge your inner princess..

The best bit is, all you need to make your own crown is a piece of cardboard and a craft knife. Oh, and a bit of patience.

A paper cut crown with bird design

To create a design just sketch out a repeatable pattern and finalise the outline with a black felt pen. The design can be as simple or as complex as you want to cut out.

bird sketch for repeatable pattern

Trace or photocopy the design multiple times until you end up with something like the image below. I used photo editing software so I could flip over alternate images. n.b make sure the ends of the design will meet up with a slight overlap so you can join the design seamlessly.

If you want to use this design just download and print on paper.

pattern for cutout crown

With masking tape fix the design on to a piece card (the card should be quite thin – I used 200gsm black card). Use a craft knife on a cutting mat or stack of newspaper to cut out the design.

Image of papercut crown in progress

To finish align and glue the overlapping ends together.

Wear with hairpins and pretensions of grandeur.


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