Pebble Bugs

A fairly straightforward craft activity for small children, H and I collected small pebbles and painted them as various different types of brightly coloured bugs. (We had a look under rocks and in an insect book for inspiration). We used acrylic paint and then varnished them so they can sit happily in plant pots, though currently H insists on keeping them under her pillow.

pebbles painted like bugs


3 thoughts on “Pebble Bugs

  1. Very cool. I want to make some pebble bugs! I’ll have to get Tara to invite her nieces over as an excuse to make them (but really it’s all for me). I don’t feel comfortable feeding the ducks in Stanley Park either, unless I have a token child with me so I don’t look weird!

  2. Great Idea they look really good I will definitely try this out with my daughther Ruby she will love it.

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