Piggy Bank

There was something very satisfying about making a paper mache piggy bank from a copy of the Financial Times. The pink colour of the pages means it doesn’t even need to be painted. (unless like H you want to)

paper mache piggy bank made from the financial times

To make a piggy bank you will need:

  • A short and wide plastic drink bottle
  • Cardboard (from a cereal packet is perfect thickness)
  • Newspaper (torn or cut into pieces)
  • Some masking tape (sticky tape would work too)
  • Paper mache paste (made from flour and water or PVA glue thinned with water)


1) The first step is to create the shape of the pig. To make the legs we rolled 4 long strips of cardboard and taped to secure and attach to the bottle. The ears were made by folding triangles of card and taping into place and the tail was made by twisting a piece of newspaper and taping into place.


2) We then cut a slit in the back of the pig big enough to put coins in using a sharp pair of scissors or craft knife.

3) Cover the bottle in paper mache by dipping the newspaper pieces in the paste and smoothing over the structure. At least 3 or 4 layers are needed.

4) Leave to dry. Paint or decorate however you like. H did not share the same pleasure in the financial times pig as I did and insisted on painting it pink.

5) If you want to be able to take the money out you can cut through the paper mache (but not the bottle) around the bottle neck where the lid screws on so you are able to unscrew and replace the lid/nose.


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