Puddles are for splashing in

…but only when you’re dressed head to toe in waterproofs.

Toddler waterproof jacket and overalls set

This winter has apparently been the wettest since records began. Luckily where we live that’s just meant extra puddles, and a lot of rainy days.

To make sure my littlest explorer could still make the most of the outdoors I wanted to make her a set of waterproofs. I’d found some khaki green material in my local fabric shop  at the bargain price of £3 a metre and envisaged an all-in-one style inspired by an old-fashioned flying suit. With some thought I decided a jacket and overalls/dungarees set would be more versatile so drew out a pattern with a parka-style coat in mind. I used some body measurements to help with the pattern but pretty much just sketched out what I thought the pieces would look like – checking details on all nearby coats as I went.


For the jacket I used khaki waterproof fabric which has a soft texture – like brushed cotton for the outer layer. (In fact it’s so soft I imagine its technically showerproof. So far S has stayed dry in the showers and puddles but I wouldn’t rely on it to stand up to all day rain). I used a layer of microfleece for interlining and a jazzy print from my stash that was always destined to be lining material.

photo (26)

I used hemline snaps and eyelets and turned some orange cotton tape for the drawstring as I couldn’t find any cording the right colour.


Generally the pattern worked out pretty well (and I didn’t make a toile because I’m lazy!). The fit was good (I made it with growing room intentionally hence the turned up sleeves) but the zip casings weren’t big enough to fit the poppers on so the front fastening flap (is this called a placket?) is off-centre. The drawstring waist detail is probably my favourite bit.

baby parka with orange drawstring waist details

The dungarees worked well too, so I’m intending to make some more for indoor wear with a few adjustments. Hopefully once I’ve checked the pattern again I can make a tutorial for them.

Toddler waterproof dungarees/overalls


7 thoughts on “Puddles are for splashing in

  1. hello Toya, I was inspired again by one of your beautiful creations and had a go at re-creating this for my daughter, albeit without the design flourishes you put in with the zip and waist tie. As you will see here it is somewhat rough round the edges but the fit is great and it will serve her well for the damp Amsterdam days ahead. Your blog has so many gorgeous design ideas that I may be back here again soon!

  2. Bonjour, j’aurais bien aimé faire cette salopette pour mon amie mais il ni a pas les mesures pour le tissus et les pieces.
    Comme ce serai pour en enfant de 2 ans ,je suis perdu.merci

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