Toddler dungarees pattern

denim toddler dungarees

After making dungarees as part of the waterproof set in my previous post, I drew up the pattern properly and took step by step photos. The pattern is free to download for personal use (please get in touch if you do use it as I’d love to see what you make). It is probably the perfect size for a 2 year old, as I made it for my 15 month old  and even after trimming the trousers by an inch there was still room for a large turn up. The trouser pattern pieces will print out on multiple pieces A4 so will have to by taped together before using. There is no seam allowance on any of the pattern pieces. I used a fairly heavy denim with a cotton lining, but the pattern is probably better suited to a medium weight fabric  like the one I used previously.


The steps below are fairly comprehensive but I added more top-stitching details on the trousers and at the waistband.

I used hemline heavyweight snaps for the fastenings, but buttons or bib buckles would work just as well.


Toddler dungarees tutorial

Toddler dungarees tutorial

Toddler dungarees tutorial

Toddler dungarees tutorial


115 thoughts on “Toddler dungarees pattern

  1. Hi, I just wanted to finally share the photo of the final product with you, but I can’t seem to find how…

  2. Hi! I love this pattern – but I have a few questions. I see on the photos, it appears that there is some kind of gathering at the pocket area – I don’t see that on the instructions. Also, I noticed that you have mentioned – that the pattern does not show any seam allowance? Do we add the seam allowance? or is it just not shown in the pattern assuming that you would have a seam allowance. If so, what is the desired seam allowance?

    1. Hi Sandra. There is no gathering at the pocket – check the photos of the denim version not the version in waterproof fabric -its a bit of a temperamental fabric so where her hand is in the pocket it strains giving the puckered/gathered effect I guess youre referring too. The pattern does not have any included seam allowance so you will need to add it when cutting out. I usually add 1cm all the way round for kids patterns. There is no need to add more at the ankles as there is plenty of extra length allowed there. Some people with tall children have found they needed a slightly longer strap so be aware of that if you have a tall child. Good Luck!

    1. I actually never measured that out, but someone who recently made them said 1 yard was enough. Sorry not to be more specific, its a long time since I made these now!

  3. Dear Toya, I’m so excited to try out this pattern! Just bought my sewing machine yesterday. Could you tell me- do you think there would be enough room in here for a cloth diaper? Alternatively, does your bub wear disposables, and have a lot of wriggle room? Thanks!

    1. Hi Neela,
      I designed the pattern for my daughter who was wearing cloth nappies at the time, so I’d say there should be enough room. She was on the slimmer side of average but the sizing is fairly generous as long as you remember that you need to add seam allowance! Hope it goes well!

      1. Hi Toya, the overalls turned out so well, thanks to your comprehensive tutorial- even though it was my first sewing project! Would love to show you photos but not sure how to upload them here.

    2. Hello Toya where do I download the pattern? I’m a bit of a luddite.
      Please help me.
      Esttella Wobker

      1. In the first paragraph, second sentence you will see that the word pattern is written in a different colour to indicate it is a link. So if you click on the word ‘pattern’ it should take you to the pattern/template. If you still have trouble let me know and I should be able to emial it to you.

  4. Hi, I’ve just found your page today, and love this pattern. I’ve printed the pattern pieces and am ready to start cutting and stitching. Undoubtedly me being dim (the instructions are fantastic) but are the dungarees legs lined too, or just the top?

    1. When I made them I just lined the top or bib – but I’m sure it would be easy to line the legs to if that’s what you wanted…

      1. Thank you so much for the quick reply. I’ll go with top lining only for now, like yours, and will post up a pic when they’re complete.

  5. Just found your pattern on Pinterest. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s perfect timing as I’m planning on making my LO some Christmas corduroy dungarees. Can’t wait to try this. I’ll share a pic when they’re done.

  6. I’m having a hard time here, trying to figure out how to download the pattern pieces. Can you help please? Thanks so much! I have some “My Little Ponies” fabric that will be darling on my 2 year old great, great niece!

    1. In the post you should see the word pattern is highlighted in orange – if you click it it should take you to the pdf. Let me know if you still have trouble and I can find it and send it too you. Please remember you’ll need to add seam allowances as they’re not included – and some people have found the straps a little short so add a bit extra to be safe.

  7. I made these for my great-great nephew. I used a medium blue light-weight denim for the main part, and I used red and white gingham for all of the pockets. They turned out so cute!

  8. On page 5 it looks like there are longer pockets put on the hip area that are separate from the front one on the bib?

    1. If you mean step 5 then yes. There are 5 pockets in total – one on the front bib, two on the back trousers (these are all patch pockets) and two normal trouser pockets on the front legs. Does this help?

  9. I made these for my grand baby. I made it out of corduroy and a red material with a small floral pattern. Thanks!

  10. I’ve made these dungerees twice, first time they turned out too small. I had printed it out but lost the page with directions so didn’t add a seem allowance and my boy is a tall 2 year old so the straps I had to lengthen quite a bit. He wore them for the first time today and i was so proud! Thanks for sharing your pattern. I would put a picture up if only I knew how! Xx

    1. How lovely sorry you had trouble with the first attempt it is more of a template than a full pattern but I’m glad you had success second time around! You cant upload a pic directly but could one by email if i email you from your details – or share on instagram if you use it?

  11. Thanks for the pattern! I’m just finished sewing and I really love the dungarees. Would love to share them, but I don’t know how to upload pictures here. Anyways, thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Elze – So glad the pattern worked out for you. This is an old post that i don’t to update so sharing on IG is usually the most effective way now.

  12. I want to make these reversible for my 17 month old grandson , who lives in Munich , Germany . I think I can host sew them back to back . Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Sondra, I think your idea sounds fins. My only suggestions might be – make the straps a bit longer just in case (easier to trim than not) and not to use fabric that is too bulky if you’re making it double layered. Also I wonder if the pocket area (on the trousers) might get too bulky if you make pockets on both sides. It migth be worth considering making them without the front trouser pockets on ones side? Good luck!

      1. Thank you . I love this info . I look forward to making these dungarees . Since one layer is knit and the other is cotton I decided not to make it reversible . I will send pictures when I complete the pants .

    2. Please Help me clarify … adding straps … on Step 17: stitching straps to back ( right sides together between detail and right side back
      How do I make sure edge of strap is inside lining and not on top of detail ?

      1. Hi Sondra. In step 17 you are just sewing the straps into place on the main body of the fabric in step 18 you then sew the lining to the main fabric all the way round the top edge with the straps tucked down inbetween the two. Hope that makes more sense!

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