World Book Day fancy dress

home made Heidi costume

Costumes are probably my favourite thing to sew. All that freedom to be creative and invent patterns with none of the usual practicalities of good taste, fit or finishing details to worry about. H is well aware of my unbridled enthusiasm for costume making and luckily for her what she lacks in extrovertism she makes up she makes up for in wisdom. She is well aware that if she doesn’t choose wisely I may well get carried away, so these days she makes sure her choice places firm boundaries on my exuberance.home made Heidi costume

As far as fancy dress themes go, book characters is a pretty great one – there are plenty of ideas that don’t involve 3hrs at the sewing machine if you don’t have the time or enthusiasm, and it definitely gets children talking about books and sharing favourite stories. H decided she’d like to dress as Heidi and so, with a little inspiration from the book covers and film costumes below, we came up with a costume that I enjoyed making and she enjoyed wearing. (She really did love it- even though the sulky photo face doesn’t show it!)




7 thoughts on “World Book Day fancy dress

  1. This is GREAT! Thanks for the inspiration! My 6 year old wants to be Heidi for halloween and I’m making her costume. How did you do the floral panel on the vest?

    1. Thanks Sarah – It is just a strip of embroidered ribbon I found at the haberdashery sewn on between the ric rac – much quicker than embroidering myself! Good luck!

    1. Unfortunately my daughters are still very attached to it and use it a lot for dress up, which also means it’s not looking in very good condition these days… Sorry!

  2. Hello I am lucie and I would love ❤️ to have the sewing pattern of the Heidi dress ! Would you please share the pattern because I will ask to my grandma to sew it for me for Christmas 🎄.

    1. Hi Lucie.

      Unfortunately I didn’t use a pattern but made one up for this project. Perhaps you could find a similar pattern and adapt it.
      Good luck!

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