Wool Trench Coat using McCall’s 5525

Wool Trench Coat using McCall's 5525

McCall's 5525

McCall’s 5525 is a great pattern. It is easy to adapt- I used it a few years ago to create a vintage style coat in lightweight blue tweed and I’m fairly sure you could make a biker-style with a few changes.  This time I made view E and pretty much followed the instructions!! start to finish. I ignored the fabric suggestions of cotton/gabardine and chose a really thick wool felt in an olive/khaki colour, which forced me to make a few changes as the number of layers on some of the epaulets/collar areas refused to fit under my machine. The main changes were that I omitted the pockets (as the wool looked like it would sag if I added them), I added tab details on the sleeve instead of the details in the original and there were places on the collar that I just couldn’t topstitch because however I wrestled the material it wouldn’t go through the machine. I also shortened the length slightly and  created a bit more structure in the shoulders with some pads made from heavily stitched off-cuts. I made a particularly poor job of the lining – for some reason when I stitched in the bottom hem the lining seemed to be a little to short causing the wool to start to pucker so in my hurry to finish I ended up unpicking it and leaving it to hang free. Luckily you can’t see that from the outside, it fits really well and is very warm.

woollen trench coat using McCall's 5525


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