Sunny day bonnets

I decided whilst making H’s Easter Bonnet that I really ought to make a traditional sun bonnet for S for the summer.  Much as I love some of the more contemporary hat styles, the practicality of a bonnet can’t really be beaten. It gives lots of protection from the sun and can’t be pulled off every 30 seconds without a struggle. I was fully intending to draft my own pattern until I came across this free tutorial and pattern from The Purl Bee which was too perfect not to use. I cut the largest size generously for S and then made two in the newborn size in anticipation of the arrival of my friend’s summer babies.

baby sun bonnet baby sun bonnets

4 thoughts on “Sunny day bonnets

    1. It’s a great project – particularly for after dark sewing as it can be finished in an evening – without having to stay up too late, which I always regret the next day – usually at about 5.30am which toddlers seem to think is an acceptable time for getting up! Good luck!

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