DIY Viking figurines

DIY VIKING FIGURINES made from pipe cleaners, wooden beads, felt and fake fur

These little Vikings were made by H and I to go with the juice carton longboat. Alarmingly (because it means I definitely have too many craft supplies) they were made with materials we had to hand: large and small wooden beads, pipe cleaners, felt, scraps of fake fur, Fimo light air dry modelling clay (for the helmets), glue stick and felt pens.

DIY VIKING FIGURINES step-by step. made from pipe cleaners, wooden beads, felt and fake fur

  • We made the figures by bending 2 pipe cleaners – 1 to create 4 limbs, the 2nd to twist around for a body and to create an extra long neck (which the head bead can then slide onto).
  • We pushed two small wooden beads onto the arm pipe cleaners to make hands and bent up the ends of the legs to make feet.
  • For the tunic we cut a piece of felt in the shape shown in the photograph and put in on over the neck pipe cleaner. We secured it by twisting a small piece of pipe cleaner round the waist to make a belt. (the tunic could also be hand-stitched on)
  • To make the helmet we squashed Fimo light air dry clay onto the top of the large wooden beads carefully moulding into shape. (the historically inaccurate horns were made separately and glued into place when they were dry)
  • When the clay was dry we coloured with felt tip pens (but they could be painted too)
  • The hair and beards were made by glueing small strips of fake fur onto the beads.
  • Finally H drew faces on with felt pens and we pushed the heads onto the necks.

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