Juice carton Viking longboat

DIY juice carton Viking longboat and figurines

This Viking ship turned out to be a perfect example of all the reasons I love craft projects and the boundless opportunities for cross-curricular learning that come with them (for me as well as H). H embraced the idea and borrowed a book from the school library to research Viking costumes and shield designs (she was highly irritated when I glued horns to one of the figurines as apparently they are just a modern myth and completely historically inaccurate).

For the construction we cut one side of an old tetra-pack juice carton off (I made a hole with a knife and H used scissors to cut the rest of the way round). We also pushed out the lid.

We taped up the old lid hole and made benches from strips of corrugated card that we glued in place.

The structure of the mast was made with a wooden cake dowel rod (but a chopstick or other stick would work too) and 2 wooden kebab sticks glued and tied into place.


For the head of the longboat we cut out a dragon head shape from card and glued it to the top of the carton, and for the tail we mimicked the front shape by cutting 2 tail pieces, glueing 1 to each side and bending them to meet at the tail.

We added three oars to each side by cutting rectangles from the corrugated card and pushing them on to the ends of kebab sticks (no glue required!)

Then we painted the boat with brown acrylic paint (but a mix of PVA and poster paint would work too).


The shields were made by cutting out circles of card and decorating with felt tips before glueing into place.

The sail was made by cutting an A4 piece of card into a square and decorating with felt tips before taping onto the mast. We made a classic striped sail and took the time to divide the piece of paper into equal parallel strips, as H had just been learning about division at school.


Then we set about making some Vikings.

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