Play food for a play kitchen

diy crocheted play  food - vegetables and cakes

5 yrs ago I made some crocheted cakes for H to go with a tea set which have all now been rehoused in the play kitchen.  They have been well used but are still in pretty good condition. The thing I love about crochet,  is that once you’ve got the hang of the stitches and techniques for shaping it’s very easy to make up all sorts of shapes as you go along without using a pattern. That said, I did get a pattern or two and lots of inspiration for the cakes at

To add to the collection I made some more food – this time some fruit and veg – and mainly because I had the right colours a fried egg. It’s a fairly odd collection which I may yet add to, and I didn’t keep a note of the patterns as I went along as I find writing crochet patterns a bit confusing and time-consuming. There are loads of free patterns available on the internet, though, so if you fancy having a go you can find a good list of resources here.



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