Geometric jumpsuit tutorial

Kid's geometric jumpsuit tutorial

I like the idea of jumpsuits – all the fun of a dress plus the ability to sit in an unladylike fashion. In practice though, without either the figure of a model or the confidence of a fashionista I’ve never been quite so keen. What to do? Live vicariously through my children of course. So here it is, a lightweight geometric summer jumpsuit/sunsuit for H with halterneck tie that was fairly simple to construct, and my first successful(ish) attempt at shirring. I used advice from Pretty Ditty, and practised on a scrap first to get an idea of how much my fabric would reduce.

There are step-by-step instructions below for this jumpsuit and a download for the one piece of the pattern that wasn’t a rectangle. The patterned was designed for a very slight built 7yr old measuring 54cm around the chest and 120cm tall, but because of the shirred back section, elastic legs and relaxed style it would probably fit a younger child and stretch to accommodate at least another 10cm around the chest.

I used a cotton voile found in Brixton market for £2 a metre and used  1 1/2 metres. Bargain!

Obviously it’s been road tested for jumping too…

Kid's geometric jumpsuit

Kid's geometric jumpsuit back view

The sunsuit bodice pattern piece does not include seam allowance, so please remember to add it.

The rest of the pattern pieces adapted from squares or rectangles and the details are in the instructions below. I thought it was really simple when I was making it, but then when it came to writing clear instructions it suddenly became much more complicated, so please let me know (gently!) if I can improve it.

Kid's geometric jumpsuit tutorialKid's geometric jumpsuit tutorial




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