Denim day dress

self drafted denim day dress

I love getting dressed in the summer. Throw on one dress (and after years of sewing and searching charity shops I have a few) and a pair of sandals and you’re wearing an outfit. But come the colder months it’s all about layering. The main problem I have with that is that it requires multiple items of clothing that go together to be clean, all at the same time. This represents more organisation, more clothing, and less sticky fingered children in the house than I currently have. I like wearing dresses – but I don’t have any for winter time that are suitable for everyday wear. Given that my reasons for getting dressed are a)the school run or b) work – where either I will be drawing/painting or I will be surrounded by a room full of other people who are drawing/painting there is clearly no point me making anything too smart, so here is my first effort. A simple denim dress with three-quarter/rolled sleeves and a drawstring waist.

There’s been very little time for sewing recently so it was a quick job – which is evident in top-stitching that is not as neat as it should be. That said, it was self-drafted, took two hours to make from start to finish and I like it enough to wear it. For the pattern – I took a basic body block and used only the bust darts then flared out slightly to the bottom hem. I’d toyed with the idea of a really simple tunic dress but fitting the dress in the early stages made it obvious that it wasn’t going to be flattering so I added a drawstring waist. The tie was made from the reverse side of the denim (a lightweight mid-blue fabric bought for £6 for a metre and a half at Simply Fabrics) with a bias binding casing on the inside and eyelets on the front. The neckline was faced with the same yellow bias binding.

self drafted denim day dress

denim dress detailsself drafted denim day dress



5 thoughts on “Denim day dress

    1. Thanks – I’m slowly learning that just because you can add lots of different details doesn’t mean you always should. It is also almost impossible to find simplicity in the shops too.

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