Wild boars and chevron pockets

raglan sleeve gathered shirt in grey stripe

Its Kid’s Clothes Week which means I’ve committed to spending an hour a day making clothes for my children, which fits in nicely with my commitment to H to make her a vampire bat costume and a few birthday makes for S. Strictly speaking this project for S was made last week and started life as a sketch on the back of an envelope but still works out as a nice start to the week.

It was my first attempt at drafting a pattern with a raglan sleeve, but as I envisaged a gathered neckline there was not much pressure on making it too accurate and the pattern worked out pretty well on the first attempt. I made both shirts/smocks pretty big, figuring they would work as smocks through the winter and by next summer can still get wear as little shirts.

The first attempt was a long-sleeved version in grey (yes grey again!) striped cotton. The neck is finished with bias binding and I gave the pockets chevron details which took ages to get neat (ish) but were worth it (I think). The sleeves are elasticated at the wrist and on this version the shirt placket is separate, a detail which made it a bit bulky so I eliminated it next time round. I finished it with mustard buttons (yes, grey and yellow, again!). As a bonus it looks great worn over those bloomers.

grey striped shirt with chevron pocket detail

For the second attempt, I made a longer, short-sleeved version in wild boar print double gauze from Miss Matatabi. I love how pretty the fabric is without it being a typically girly print. Somehow I managed to eek out the smock from half a metre of the 115cm wide fabric, but this required piecing together the bias binding for the neck from tiny scraps. On this version I didn’t bother with separate pieces for the shirt placket which required less material and made for a neater finish.

Btw. while I am aware holding a baby in a cardboard box and wearing wellies that are two sizes too big isn’t conducive to good photographs of clothing, S does not agree.

wild boar smock dress

wild boar smock dress back

10 thoughts on “Wild boars and chevron pockets

  1. I love both of these versions! Raglan sleeves are so comfy for the littles. Good job on the chevron pockets too! Pattern drafting is so much fun as you see your vision come to life. It has become one of my favorite things to do.

    1. All that time I used to spend looking for the right pattern is now taken up endlessly retracing shapes on old newspapers! I really enjoy it too – especially making your brain think 3d while drawing 2d. Plus its always nice to be learning new things.

    1. No – I don’t even have any Japanese sewing books, but I definitely admire/am influenced by the style. My brother lived in Japan for a while too.

  2. Love these, especially the chevron pockets!
    I should explain that dd is pregnant, and due with a baby girl in December, and I started out looking to be inspired, and you CERTAINLY have done that and MORE!!!

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