A bat and a wild thing

WHere the wild things are costume

Both of these costumes were made during Kids Clothes Week but I didn’t want to jinx the chances of S wearing hers on Halloween by getting her to try it on before yesterday. S’s costume was particularly apt for the storybook theme as the outfit is supposed to resemble a wild thing. H on the other hand could not be convinced that a Max costume was a good idea and stuck firmly to her plan of vampire bat. Where the wild things are costume

For S’s costume I only used materials I already had – the fur was left over from a coat trim I made a few years ago and it seemed sensible to use it up even though it wasn’t the perfect colour.

I constructed a hood using pieces of exactly the same shape as for the winter bonnet but at a larger size, partly because I wanted it to look big (wild things have big heads after all) and partly because I wanted it to have a long-term home in the dressing up box. I lined the hood with grey jersey and sewed the horns (made from felt and stuffed with wadding) on by hand at the end.wild thing leggings

The stripey T-shirt was customised by sewing triangles of felt on for claws. For the trousers I contemplated sewing scales on to a pair of old leggings but figured that the narrow legs would make it almost impossible to do using a machine, so I cut some new leggings and sewed the scales on to the legs before construction, adding the scales to the body part of the trousers after sewing them together. The feet were made as padded flaps that are attached to the front of the trousers only, so they could sit on top of her feet or shoes without tripping her up. The tail was made from a tube of fur and hand sewn to the trousers.

I was slightly concerned she might not want to wear the costume, but once she saw H and the neighbours dressing up she was pretty keen. She did have to spend the day vehemently refuting her cuteness and insisting she was in fact fierce.

vampire bat costume

bat hood

For H’s bat costume I constructed a hood in a similar way to S’s only adding a little extra length to the side pieces so I could create a seam in the side for half the ear to go in. The other half of the ear was folded round in to the seams between the side panels and central panel of the hood. I lined this hood with black fleece. The ears were made with the same velvet and lining material used for the wings.

bat wings diy

The wings were made in a similar way to this tutorial. I made them a bit more elaborate by playing with the contrast in texture between black velvet and polyester lining, adding strips of black velvet ribbon to the inside of the wings.

fur gilet

For the body of the bat I wanted to created something reusable beyond the purpose of the costume so I made a fur gilet, lined with grey wool with a single button closure. I really battled with the bulk, slipperiness and fluffiness of the fur and ended up with something with a lot less finesse than I had hoped for, but H loves it so all’s well that ends well.


18 thoughts on “A bat and a wild thing

  1. Hi! I’m making Moishe and Max costumes for me four and two year old. The one part I’ve been hung up on is the head piece, I love what you did here, but I see that you took the pattern down for the winter bonnet. I live in the US, I’m not sure if there are the same regulations for ‘string’ style bonnets here. I maybe try to change the strings to straps with velcro, would you be willing to email me the pattern? If not I understand, but thought I’d ask. Also, do you have any recommendations for sewing with that thick fur?
    greensgirl22@yahoo.com if my email, if you feel comfortable sending me the pattern. 🙂

    1. Hi Erin, I will forward you the pattern it now contain no mention of the ties anyway so it is totallly possible to make it with a short strp anyway, there is also an animal bonnet pattern available on my site if you take a look at the free sewing patterns page. I think the cat ears with straight front edge would be perfect for a wolf hat. In terms of sewing with thick fur, it shouldn’t cause you any problems but I would suggest increasing the seam allowances on the patterns.

  2. Toya – The wild things costume is amazing. I have been searching for weeks for the perfect DIY Moishe costume and this is it. Any chance you have a pattern available for the crafty challenged people like myself? My email is nicolebarish@gmail.com if you’re willing to share. Thanks,

    1. Thanks Nicole! Unfortunately this one doesn’t have a pattern, that said the bonnet was really similar (just a little bigger to the pattern I made for animal hoods which is available on my ‘sewing patterns’ page. Just miss out the ears and sew on some padded felt horns at the end by hand. Sorry not to be able to help more.

    1. Oh – I was lucky and found a second hand one on ebay – it was from Boden orignally but that was 2 or 3 yrs ago now so I’m not sure whether they’d still be about. Sorry you’re not having any luck.

  3. For the bat costume, do the wings go on first with the vest and hood over them, or did the wings go over the back of the vest and hood? (Ha! Hopefully the way I phrased that makes sense!)

    1. Yes it does! The vest went on first, then the wings, then the hood (thought the hood could actually go on at any point as it is not attached or encumbered by any other part.

  4. Hi, Do you have the pattern for the Monster hat, with horns? I’m a librarian and I’d love to make this costume for book week. I already have furry leopard skin pattern pants that I’d wear with it 😛

    1. That sounds like an amazing costume! Sadly I don’t have a pattern anywhere for this – hopefully you’ll be able to find and alternative I saw they have adult size hat/bonnet patterns free here. Id suggest making the hat/bonnet out of fur and just sewing on the horns by hand after – that’s what I did with this one!

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