Pleated skirt with braces #2

Pleated skirt with detachable braces in navy blue corduroy

Back when I was making the bloomers and skirt set for S, a certain big sister was fairly unsubtle in her hints that she might like a skirt with braces too. As most of her’s are getting pretty short I was happy to oblige. The 5 yr age gap between the girls is not represented in any difference in waist measurement which meant I could make another with the same pattern but just add extra length. When I say pattern – I didn’t actually have one but I had carefully written down all the measurements for the four rectangles used to make the skirt and all the measurements needed to get all the pleats on the front even. I fully intended to share these measurements in this post – partly in case anyone else was interested but also for my future reference, but a small thief had different ideas (paper stolen from my desk and scribbled all over). The construction was simple though, the waistband is flat at the front and elasticated at the back. The front of the skirt is made up of a row of box pleats and the back is gathered. The braces are detachable and fixed with buttons on the inside at the back and through the waistband at the front in exactly the same method I used for S’s.



For H’s skirt I used navy blue corduroy – it was thicker than I wanted but all that was in my local shop at the time (they have since stocked up on needlecord). I actually quite like the way it looks but as it was probably better suited for upholstery it caused me some problems with bulkiness (and consequently wonkiness) at the waistband. Because of these problems I used a lining material for the inside of the braces so they didn’t end up too thick (which is of course what I should have done with the waistband too!).

Pleated skirt with detachable braces in navy blue corduroy


11 thoughts on “Pleated skirt with braces #2

  1. I haven’t tried cord material yet. I’ve been seeing some lovely projects with it so I’m going to have to give it a try. =-)

    1. It’s a nice material to work with – it would probably be easier to start with a needlecord rather than a jumbo cord which gave me some problems. Just remember to make sure the direction of the pile is the same all the way round your project and I’m sure it will work out well. Good luck!

  2. This is so lovely – how do i work out the size of rectangles i need to make one for my daughter?!

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