The feeling of warmth…

…you get when you win something.


I was very humbled that my umbrella print shirt was picked by Anna of Madeit Patterns and Olu of Needle and Ted as the winner of the Florence Christmas Blog Tour . I say humbled because the sewing skill and creativity of all the entries was incredible and I will be drawing inspiration from lots of different versions of the Florence in the months to come. It great fun taking part and really interesting to see how versatile one pattern can be when adapted by creative people with different materials and tastes. The prize of another pattern means I’ll also be tackling Madeit’s Jagger jeans in the coming months.

Now that I’ve shoehorned my winner’s badge into a post about winter clothing I’ll get back to the dress made with a bit more of that lovely silk/wool blend fabric that I used for S’s skirt and bloomers set. I self-drafted the pattern for this dress – which was intended to be something I could wear for work or everyday in the colder weather. I used a simple bodice block and drafted a 3/4 length boxy sleeve with no tapering from the sleeve head. The skirt is made from rectangle shapes and pleated at the waist. (the first set of pleats line up with the bodice darts). There are deep pockets in the skirt. In an attempt to make sure these didn’t add bulk to the hips I accidentally set them a bit low but was too lazy to move them as I can still (just about) reach to the bottom. The dress is fully lined in black to stop the material sticking to tights worn underneath and add another layer of warmth and is closed with an invisible zip at the back.

Silk/wool grey dress with pleated skirt

Silk/wool grey dress with pleated skirtI finished this dress a couple of weeks ago and at first I wasn’t sure how much I liked it. I loved the fabric and the fit is great – well fitted but not too snug, but worried that perhaps the pattern was a little to similar to H’s school pinafores. Having worn it a few times its warmth and practicality has won me round and it’s now a wardrobe staple.



2 thoughts on “The feeling of warmth…

  1. That’s my kind of fabric (as long as it’s not itchy, my eyes like wool, but my skin is not a fan, even when lined).

    I’m afraid I can’t pass much comment on the style and fit because I need to see it on 😉 though I will take your word for it 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your Jagger jeans. I have that pattern too. Maybe we could have some kind of Jagger jeans sew-off or something?

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