This way up: new baby harem pants

New baby hand stencilled harem pants

It’s the run up to Christmas (which I’m trying to make all my presents for) and I find myself with not one, but four new baby presents to make. I have a few newborn summer bonnets in my gift cupboard but they weren’t going to cut it for these winter born babies – especially as they’re mostly boys. Under my desk there was some lovely 100% cotton french terry which I’d ordered to make winter jumpers for the girls, and I figured it would make lovely, cosy baby harem pants. As I have totally forgotten how big newborn babies are, I didn’t try to resize my own harem pants pattern and found a free pattern at The Alison Show instead, which is to fit 0-3 months. I cut them a little bigger to make room for tights or babygros underneath and to allow for the fact that I’m a little late with one of my gifts. The pattern is simple and would have been really quick to make up if I hadn’t decided to hand stencil designs on them. I did struggle a little getting the leg cuffs on as they were so teeny and my overlocker doesn’t have a free arm.

For the designs (which I printed on after I’d cut the pieces but before assembly) I cut stencils using acetate and sponged fabric paint over the top.

Arrow design stencilled new baby harem pants

For baby Rudy I made an arrow print design which isn’t supposed to imply that my lovely friend doesn’t know which way up her baby should be, or in fact that he is some kind of 19th century convict. The arrow idea came from reminiscing about being at art college (where I met Rudy’s mum and dad) when (if I remember it right) his mum’s beautiful drawings often had arrows (and ladders) in them.

Star stencilled new baby harem pants

For baby Lila I printed stars as I think the name means ‘night’. If it doesn’t stars will look great at Christmas anyway.

Lightning bolt stencilled new baby harem pants

For the two baby boys whose names I don’t know yet – lightning bolts – which I like so much I’m keeping the stencil to make something for the girls with on the rest of the fabric.

Welcome to the world!

14 thoughts on “This way up: new baby harem pants

      1. Its not really my pattern to resize but shouldn’t be too hard to adapt. I do have a pattern for some harme pants sized 12-18 mths over on my patterns page – with a little extra length they would definitely fit up to 2yrs.

  1. Ahh these are fantastic for nappy-wearers! I love the prints! Such a great idea. The significance of the arrows is lovely – if you remembered correctly!!

    1. I’ve had it confirmed that I did! I wish I’d made some for when my babies were little to fit over those cloth nappies that were almost bigger than them when they were newborn.

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  3. these are adorable and have been my go to gift since my daughter requested many more for my granddaughter. Quick tips: stretch knit headbands work great for leg cuffs (the kind you find in the drug store). I’ve made them in flannel with french seams, I’ve sized them up to 18 months, they are amazing!!

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