All I want for Christmas is a doctor’s kit

DIY doctor's kit for older child

Back at the beginning of December H wrote a Christmas list for Father Christmas which left me feel very pleased/relieved/grateful. The list was as follows…

  • a doctor’s kit
  • a few pairs of tights
  • a yo-yo
  • and a few more surprise presents

The only problem came when I started researching doctor’s kits and found they all seemed to be aimed at preschoolers. Since when did role play become something for the under 5’s only? I was fairly sure she would still enjoy playing with the kits aimed at the younger children (and be able to squeeze into the outfits) as these are the coveted kits she has played with at other people’s houses. As, however, I wanted something with a bit more longevity that might be more educational I decided the best (and most cost-effective) option would be to put one together myself and leave Santa to bring those tights and surprise presents.

I ordered a real (cheap) stethoscope and pen torch from ebay and bought bandages and syringes(for accurate measuring) from the chemist. I have also ordered a first aid book which has yet to arrive. The simple jacket was freehand cut from old sheeting and features a contrast collar and KAM snaps at the front. For a more personal touch I made a doctor’s identification badge with her name and a photo of H for the front of the jacket on the computer and the word DOCTOR for the back and printed on transfer paper before ironing on.

For the bag I used some white polycotton drill I had at the back of the cupboard to make a simple 3 piece duffle bag. I really like the contrast blue zip which was only added because I had no white ones in the house.  The straps were made with polyester webbing and the first aid cross was stencilled on at the end using fabric paint.

DIY doctor's bag

The result was a complete success. A look of sheer delight when she opened the present and an entire day spent dressed as a doctor, administering treatment to anyone who was sitting still long enough.

DIY doctor's outfit



5 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is a doctor’s kit

  1. I aready know that if I showed your doctors kit to my 7 year old she would want one too. Real stephoscope and bandages would be the icing on the cake.

    What an adorable little Christmas list. My youngest daughter also had 4 things on her list. Clothes. Dinner. Tissues. Cellotape. Oh how it made me smile.

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