A year of making: 2014

The end of a year and another birthday offers an opportunity to reflect. Inspired by some similar posts, I thought I’d look back on some of the things I’ve made over the year. At the time, it often feels like I’m not getting much done, and I only ever find time to make about a quarter of the things I’m planning to; but after putting the images together for this post, I’m forced to realise all those bits of time add up. It’s been a productive year and I’ve enjoyed learning (through successes and failures) lots of new techniques and skills. 2014 was a year spent making, but it definitely wasn’t the first, and having found some old school books at my parent’s house it turns out I’ve spent all my spare time making for longer than I even remember.

Back in 1989 and I was using my writing book as blog practice.


Scan 1

Now, back to 2014:

sewing for s 2014

S definitely ended up with the most handmade items this year, but then she is the only member of the family who grew so much she didn’t fit into anything from last year. There were:

things for h 2014

For H there were:

costumes 2014

There were also a few costume making opportunities:

things for me

And for me? Well, whilst I always intend to sew for myself more, I find it much less enjoyable. It requires more time, more fabric and more patience, plus I’m always much more critical of the results. However, as ever, I still found it much more appealing than having to enter a shop, so along with a fair few basics – t-shirts, tops and skirts that were never exciting enough to warrant photos, I managed to make the following items:

There were also gifts, crafts and of course illustration work, but this feels like quite enough reflection. Back to 2015 and there’s a project waiting to be started…


7 thoughts on “A year of making: 2014

    1. Thanks – I feel like I might need to add a disclaimer to the site – my children do not look like this most of the time – it is far more usual for them to be covered in food or mud.

  1. absolutely amazing Toya as always! i can’t believe how productive you’ve been in 2014 and many other achievements too. wonderful! lotslove from your proud auntie!

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