Launching battle of the stitches: round 1

battle of the stitches_final

The internet can be a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to sharing knowledge, learning and finding other people with similar interests. Olu from Needle and Ted is one of those people. We were brought together by a passion for sewing and a dread of much of the affordable high street clothing available for our respective 2 girls. There are many reasons I try not to buy clothes from the high street but, like Olu, an aversion to excess pink and applique butterflies (even on shoes!!) is one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I think pink is a lovely colour, just not when it’s combined with a picture of a princess on a mobile phone.

This year, in celebration of our common interests we decided to coordinate ourselves into a few challenges with our first being an ‘East London vs South London Jagger Jeans Sew-Off’.

So to the battle stations – and here’s what I’ve lined up for my supplies (H was very prescriptive – nothing cool, no jazzy topstitching, no pocket details and absolutely no rivets): black cotton/elastane drill with plenty of stretch so they feel more like jeggings than jeans, dark grey thread for topstitching, a black and gold 4 inch jeans zip, a gold jeans button, some grey and black zebra print cotton for the pocket linings and some black button hole elastic (which you can’t see in the picture) for the adjustable waistband. materials for jagger jeans

If you fancy seeing how Olu’s choices measure up, head over to her post and see what she’s got planned. ( We’re both hoping to have our jeans finished by next week)


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