Battle of the stitches: Jagger jeans with gold stars

DIY star print top

A month of so ago, Olu of Needle and Ted and I challenged each other to a Jagger jeans sew-off for our first round of Battle of the Stitches. As H didn’t have any trousers that fit apart from some leggings I was keen to start, but H was far less enthusiastic. She was quite insistent that jeans are uncomfortable, and that she absolutely didn’t want anything ‘jazzy’. This meant black stretch cotton drill and grey thread was in but rivets, gold topstitching and sun ray/lightning bolt pocket designs were out. As a challenger I was feeling a little weak.

After measuring H and consulting the pattern I decided to cut an age 2 (yikes-no wonder shop bought trousers don’t fit) in width and somewhere between a 7 and 8 for length. The material contained quite a lot of stretch and I was keen for the jeans to fit snuggly so they were more like jeggings in the hope of winning H round.

The construction was fairly straightforward (although as the pattern states it’s an intermediate rather than a beginner project) and the only problems I came across were topstitching some of the thicker areas (waistband and belt loops). My machine didn’t seem to like it much and kept skipping stitches, but with a new needle fitted I managed to resolve most of the problem areas, although there are still a few visible glitches.

jagger jeans from Made it patterns

jagger jeans detail

jagger jeans detail

More significantly though, the result is a pair of jeans that H loves. Thanks to a custom fit, stretch in the material and an adjustable waistband design she ended up with a perfectly fitting pair of jeans which are therefore not uncomfortable. She voluntarily wore them all weekend and then asked to wear them to school on Monday too.

I’m not sure but I think she might be trying to tell Olu that no one owns her mum’s topstitching.

Now back to those gold stars, which after H saw S’s lightning bolt top and some sibling jealousy kicked in were deemed not to be jazzy at all. The top was made in the same grey french terry with stars stencilled on using fabric paint. I used a standard long sleeve t-shirt pattern but cropped the length of the body and added a large gathered frill.

DIY star print top

If you’d like to make your own pair of Jagger jeans they are on sale for one week from this Friday, or comment below to be in with a chance of winning a copy of the pdf pattern. I’ll pick a winner by entering all names into a random generator and announce the selection next Friday the 13th, which will be lucky for at least one person. To double your chances of winning and to see how Olu’s jeans turned out, with the same pattern but different fabric choices, head over and comment on her post too.

battle of the stitches_final

19 thoughts on “Battle of the stitches: Jagger jeans with gold stars

  1. Wow these look great and I would looove the pattern! I had to laugh at the sizing – my daughter would probably be the same! Little skinny bodies 🙂 Also I like the top and you keep doing these fun prints, I’m really going to have to buy some fabric paint myself!

  2. Nice trousers, great top stitching. Good fitting jeans are hard to find. My kids also have several year differences between their waist size and length, I would love to win this pattern.

  3. They look great and I really love the top too. I have been meaning to make my eldest a pair of jeans for a while now and have the denim all ready, her current pair are about 2 sizes too small and have holes in the knees but I can’t buy her any new ones when I can make them, poor child!

    1. I hold you and Olu totally responsible for my new fabric stencilling addiction. If it hadn’t been for that Christmas challenge and the need for umbrella print I’d probably never have tried it.

  4. Skinny is the only way to wear jeans in this house according to my tall thin girls so this will be perfect for them! (Rushes off to buy stretch denim!)

  5. hey toya, your jaggers are adorable! i’m impressed with your pencelling, thats cool! top and jeans are a perfect match. can’t wait for the next battle of the stitches!

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