Swiss dot knot top

child's tie back top in white swiss dot cotton

Project Run & Play‘s pattern of choice for March was this free knot dress from The Sewing Rabbit with a distinctly summery feel. Here in London on a damp, cold Tuesday morning Summer feels a long way off, but the daffodils and crocuses that are beginning to brighten my doorstep are a promising sign that at least Spring is here/on its way. With that in mind I decided to make my version of the pattern into a top so that it might see a bit of use sooner rather than later, worn over trousers or leggings. The original pattern offers the option of 5 knots, but as I prefer details a little more minimal than that, I decided to draw attention to just one knot on the back by removing all the others and using a plain white swiss dot cotton fabric.child's tie back top in swiss dot cotton with peg leg linen trousers - BACK VIEW

I cut a size 3 so there would be room for growth, shortening the length of the skirt to a tunic length and drafting out the shoulder ties. The white looks great and showcases the back detail well, I just wonder how long it will be before I have to dye it a nondescript shade of brown to cover the stains it’s bound to attract.

In the meantime however, S loves it* and as the design features a full skirt ubiquitous twirl shots are compulsory. *H also loves it so I may find myself making another one.

child's tie back top in swiss dot cotton with peg leg linen trousers

When summer comes I can imagine her wearing this style with the Liberty print bloomers I made her last year but until then I made a pair of tie waist detail trousers in a navy silk/linen mix.

child's peg leg linen trousers with tie waist detail

The style is self-drafted and features deep pockets, a low (but not full MC Hammer) crotch, pleats and a tie/knot detail at the front. To make them easy enough for her to take on and off on her own the rest of the waistband is elasticated.

child's peg leg linen trousers with tie waist detail

For a bit of colour I also made a knot tie headband, which is elasticated at the back for comfort/to help it stay on, in yellow floral print cotton.

With Spring springing but definitely not sprung enough for outside photos in sleeveless tops, I spotted another idea for fabric butterflies on The Sewing Rabbit blog that would bring a bit of cheer inside (and use up all the scraps from the outfit). Making fabric butterflies isn’t really my idea of fun but I figured I could get H to do all the hard work it would make a great first sewing machine project for H. Buoyed on by the prospect of getting her hands on my precious machine she was really keen and cut out all the shapes while I ironed on the interfacing. Then (with me breathing down her neck) she got the hang of forwards and backwards stitching, sewing the pieces together before I gathered them slightly for a more 3d effect.

fabric butterflies



28 thoughts on “Swiss dot knot top

  1. Everything down to the fabric butterflies is beautiful. When I first saw the white dress my initial thought was ‘how on earth is that going to stay white?’ Dye is actually a brilliant idea, that I am going to have to steal. I bought some white cotton recently and have not been able to bring myself to use it for the girls. But now I have plan B for if/when it gets stained. Thanks for that.

  2. I love white dresses and this swiss dot is perfect! I find it’s actually easier to keep white clothes clean than other colors since you can bleach or use stain removers that might damage colors. Those pants are the perfect pairing with the airy dress. Great job!

  3. I love white clothes on children so I’m obviously in love with this top ;). Together with the headband and those super cool trousers this is really an awesome outfit!

  4. I love the way you echoed the knot on the back of the dress with the headband. What fun! I’m still dithering about making the knot dress. Hopefully I can make up my mind and get started today! I am torn between doing a back knot or doing shoulder knots. After seeing your back knot version I think I might be swayed.

    1. Nothing like a deadline to get you motivated! Yes most people seem to have gone for the shoulder ties, but I preferred the look of the back tie -and figured that both would be equally as awkward to put a cardigan over. I look forward to seeing what you make!

    1. Thanks – yes the pattern is self drafted so only available on a few pieces of crumpled newspaper behind my computer at the moment! Great to have found your blog too!

    1. Ah – but the prospect of turning a few bit’s of newspaper into a proper pattern is so much less exciting than starting on the next project!

    1. Hi Carol – I am actually in the process of turning these into a proper pattern. I didn’t quite realise how much work that took though! What size would you be looking for?

      1. Hi Carol – I asked as I have it drafted up in a size (age 5) so far. I could probably have a go at grading down to a 2 in the next week or so, but if I sent it to you it would just be the pieces without any seam allowances added (and I wouldn’t have tested it!). Would that be any use to you?

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