Boho scrap bag

diy boho scraps bag

Ever wondered what it would look like if you swallowed the contents of a haberdashery and regurgitated it in the form of a bag?

Probably something like this.

I am usually a bit of a fan of ‘less is more’ when it comes to home sewing and am careful to avoid the dangerous temptation of adding contrast trims or extra ruffles at every opportunity. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you always should. No such restraint was exercised in this project – my take on this month’s challenge from Project Run & Play. The free pattern to use/adapt for April is this reversible sling bag from Sugar Bee Crafts, a simple but effective pattern with a central contrast panel. I really like the playful use of clean, graphic stripes on the tutorial version, but as I didn’t have any suitable materials I decided on a design that would allow me to use that bag of scraps I’ve been saving. And the odds and ends of wool in the cupboard. And the box of H’s broken necklaces that we never got round to fixing. And the contents of the children’s craft drawer…

pom pom tassels - bag details

The shape of the bag remains largely true to the original. As I was piecing the bag together from lots of different scraps I ignored the separate contrast panel and treated the pattern as one, with the only change made to the shape of the bag being to cut off the original sling strap and replace it with a narrower strap, gathering the main bag where the two met.

bag detail

I didn’t want anything to look particularly neat, so it was quick work sewing the patches up – sometimes adding pom-pom trim or piping to the seams or sewing decorative ribbons and gold bias binding on top of the patches. Most of the materials were lighter weight cotton so I ironed on interfacing before assembly and used a medium weight navy blue cotton drill for the lining. It’s not really reversible anymore, whilst the lining is neat enough, if you turned it inside out it would be so full of tassels there wouldn’t be room for anything else.

With the basic patchwork bag constructed H and I set about adding a whole load more stuff to it – plaits of fabric, sequins, charms, pendant beads, strings of beads, snowflakes, pom-poms, tassels and a navy button closure.

diy boho scraps bag

Then, when we ran out of things to attach and space to attach it to, we stopped and took it out for a day trip, happy in the knowledge that lunch/stuff carrying duties were to be eagerly shared.

diy boho scraps bag

26 thoughts on “Boho scrap bag

  1. Well, your daughter can certainly pull off the ‘boho haberdashery vomit’ look, that’s for sure. I think all her friends will want one. I’m not even going to show it to my daughter because she’ll want me to make her one immediately.

  2. This is fantastic. What a crazy but fun bag! It works perfect with the laid back style of your daughter. So good!

  3. Finally getting around to seeing some of the other entries. Uh – this…bag….rocks! More is more, in this case. Congrats on turning bits of what others might deem nothing into something fabulous!

  4. Absolutely adorable!! This little doll will rock everything she wears and everyone will want one of everything she wears…..but I think it’s more about the attitude it takes to wear the clothes as they should be worn!!

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