Animal bonnet variation: the zebra

DIY zebra hat/bonnet for dressing up  Neatly fitting in to Kid’s Clothes Week ‘Wild Things’ theme is this variation on the cat/rabbit bonnet pattern which I made as a gift for my friend’s son who just turned 3 and loves dressing up.  I made the bonnet in exactly the same way as the cat and rabbit bonnets and using the same pattern. The only difference is the ears which are available to print here , the fabric choice (a bold striped fabric from the offcuts bin) and the use of a snap and tap closure instead of ties. IMG_0047 copy The original pattern and tutorial can be found in this post. Once the bonnet was made up I attached a striped tulle mane down the middle of the central pattern using the method below. zebra instructions

5 thoughts on “Animal bonnet variation: the zebra

  1. I love this! I am going to make it for my daughter’s “crazy hat day” at school! Regarding the ears, did you follow the cat instructions or the rabbit ones (with respect to pushing the ears to the bottom of the dart or not)? Thank you!

    1. Oh – I’m not sure I remember now, but looking at the picture it loos as if just over 2/3rds of the ear is inserted into the dart. Hope this helps!

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