Sewing springtime basics

springtime collage  A backlog of projects I’ve sewn for myself recently are starting to stack up. I find it a little harder to motivate myself to sew things for me as sewing for the girls is so much quicker (smaller/less shaping), cheaper (less material) and satisfying (joy of creating something marred only by a few inevitable mistakes here and there rather than mistakes and self-consciousness). A need for new clothes and a complete aversion to high street shops eventually spurred me into action though, and I’ve worked my way through a few springtime basics. First up I made some Hudson pants in a bid for extra comfortable everyday wear. I couldn’t find textured or slubbed sweatshirt material, so for my first pair I used the reverse side of some funny plaid acrylic knit fabric I found in a bargain bin. I am really happy with the fit and look of the pants, but, I fear they will have to serve as a muslin version as I really don’t like the feel of the acrylic against my skin. hudson pants After another failed hunt for suitable fabric (I did find one or two possibles but they were sooooo expensive I couldn’t justify the purchase – if you know an affordable source please let me know!), I decided to make a woven version with some lovely navy silk/linen mix fabric I had in the cupboard. silk woven hudson pants The only changes I made to the pattern were to go up two sizes (although in retrospect I’m pretty sure one would have been enough) and to square off the pocket pieces so I could make a detail of topstitching them from the outside.woven hudson pocket detail Next up a basic floral top made with the beautiful (but very difficult to work with) viscose javanese I had left over from making this dress last summer. The fabric is reasonably fluid so I figured a very simple shape without darts would work well. To call the pattern self-drafted seems to be a overstatement as really it was just cut freehand. I used bias binding made in the same fabric to finish the neckline and buttons all the way down the back to close.floral top

Self conscious photo taken by H. I particularly like how she framed it with the kitchen door...
Self conscious photo taken by H. I particularly like how she framed it with the kitchen door…

For the next item I used another popular pattern at the moment, the Linden sweatshirt. I hesitated a bit before buying the pattern as it seemed quite pricey for such a simple design, and one that really I should have been able to draft myself without too much trouble. In the end I decided to save myself some time and invest in the pattern, as I imagined that it was the kind of basic style that will get a lot of use. I made view B lengthening the pieces by about 2 inches, and used some braided/quilted style sweatshirt weight fabric that I bought from Simply Fabrics. The photo on the hanger doesn’t do it much justice but I was immediately satisfied that the pattern was a good buy. The proportions are perfect and it has become an instant wardrobe favourite, which can be worn on its own or over a shirt for work wear.linden top from quilted knit fabric Lastly a self-drafted dress made from a very fine grey and white striped wool. The design is based on a dress I found on pinterest, where the stripes were bolder but used in the same way. I thought the style of the bodice was particularly effective, where a single dart was used to keep the direction of the stripes simple. To emulate this I used my basic body block as a starting point, swinging the side dart round to create one single under-bust dart. The dress is fully lined with a peach coloured cotton voile, partly because the main fabric was wool, and partly because it really was fine and see-through dresses aren’t something I ever find much use for. self drafted striped dress


16 thoughts on “Sewing springtime basics

  1. i love every piece! your fabric choices are totally my likings. wow i’ll have to copy a few of this garments! gorgeouse! especially thewoven hudsons, as i made my last pair so small just my mum was ableto wear them… i still wait for mine ;).

    1. You must have a pair, as yours are what inspired me in the first place! I think I’ll be making another pair soon too…

  2. Ooh I like them all! They all look comfy and practical!! The floral top is very pretty and suits you. I like how H framed the photo!

  3. Wow! You have been busy. Love your pic with your saltwater sandals 😉 You look very cool. I’m planning on some Mini Hudsons with the same fabric as your Linden sweatshirt. I was surprised that you didn’t draft the sweatshirt yourself as it is so much more simple than most of your self drafted garments.

    1. I put it down to a confidence crisis + some late night impulsiveness/laziness. I don’t feel great about drafting patterns for myself unless they are based on a very basic block shape. Raglan sleeves make me a bit nervous.

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