Arrows, ruffles and bubbles

arrow design ruffle collar blouse with pink bubble shorts Bubble shorts This pair of bubble shorts, made in dusky pink cotton drill and lined with a small piece of leftover striped shirting are my second pair from the pattern in Everyday Clothes for Girls. The first pair (made in denim) were so practical and easy to sew that I made a second pair straight away. Button back ruffle collar blouse To go with them I just got round to making this long-sleeved blouse with a ruffle collar. I used the pattern I drafted for a gathered raglan sleeve shirt for S last year  increasing the size and length of the pattern pieces slightly and moving the buttons to the back. As with the last shirt I added elastic at the wrist which works well as it allowed me to make the sleeves with a bit of extra length for growing room without needing to keep turning them up. ruffle collar I wasn’t 100% sure of the best way of attaching the ruffle for the collar so I started by sewing to the neckline and turned the raw edges under to the inside of the shirt covering with self-made bias binding. This looked neat but even with pressing the collar tended to stick up too much instead of laying flat so I added a line of topstitching about 4mm from the neckline which seemed to do the trick without looking too messy. The fabric is a white cotton shirting with an embroidered arrow design that seemed a perfect fit for this Kid’s Clothes Week‘s travelling theme. arrow design ruffle collar blouse with pink bubble shorts   Last week’s Tinkerbell costume is in this month’s Top Ten so please head over to Project Run and Play, check them all out and vote for your favourite entry.home made flower fairy costume

6 thoughts on “Arrows, ruffles and bubbles

  1. Such an adorable outfit. You’ve just got to love those bubble shorts. I need more in my girls’ life too.

    Would you believe I made a ruffle dress quite similar to your blouse? Actually you probably would. I made it last year but didn’t blog about it because my daughter hated it and would not even put it on for a photo. She thought she looked like a court jester. The fabric was white with small black stars, which probably didn’t help. I used this pattern

    1. Of course you did! She had a point – it definitely is a little Pierrot, but that’s partly what makes it cute. Luckily there were no objections from S as I’d already bought her affection with the pink shorts!

  2. What a great outfit. I could wear a version of that. Tinkerbell wings are amazing and clearly going to win. She looks like she is straight out of a Flower Fairies book.

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