Mint green swimming costume

home sewn kid's swimming costume in mint green

Having always been nervous of both stretchy and slippery fabrics I have never attempted making a swimsuit before. Since buying an overlocker at the beginning of this year my confidence with these fabrics is (slowly) increasing, so spurred on by the semi-success of H’s leotard earlier in the year, and the fact her slight physique makes it impossible to buy a well-fitting swimming costume, I thought I’d finally take the plunge (pun intended). I had purchased 2 small pieces of swimsuit fabric in mint green and navy. I would have loved to have chosen patterned fabric but unless you’re prepared to pay a very high price, it seems impossible to get hold of here in the UK. I also bought some lining  in white nylon lycra.

My first attempt – a halterneck version in navy blue met a sad end in the bin. I used an adapted version of the pattern I’d drafted for the leotard but by doubling up the lining and the main fabric I seemed to have managed to reduce the stretch and it ended up much too tight. Whilst trying it on H also made her disapproval of the very sweet halterneck design abundantly clear. Luckily it hadn’t taken too much time and the fabric cost very little so whilst a little irritated I managed to avoid complete despondency, taking my initial failure as part of the learning curve. I left it a couple of days then with fresh eyes drafted a new pattern, using some vest and knickers and a few measurements as a guide.

home sewn kid's swimming costume in mint green

The new design featured a frill on the straps, which by trial and error I soon decided had to be basted into place by hand in order to avoid all the gathers slipping and bunching. Once they were in place the rest of the construction proved fairly simple. I sewed the lining and the main fabric together along all the edges (neckline, leg openings, straps) with right sides together before turning right side out and sewing the side seams on the inside. Unable to think of a neater way of attaching the straps at the back I then hand sewed them into place. I considered top stitching around all the edges but decided to leave it for a cleaner/simpler finish. This time it proved a perfect fit, but I’m not sure whether that gives me the confidence to try my own yet…


10 thoughts on “Mint green swimming costume

  1. Oh I really love the colour! And the fluttery frills are so cute, you are very clever. I think it must be a lot easier to make a kid’s one than adult’s because of the fit! What does H think about this one?

  2. This one is a hit with H! Yes, the fit of an adult swimming costume scares me and the knowledge that even if it was the best swimming costume ever I probably still wouldn’t like it/would feel horribly self-conscious…

  3. Well you did a better job than I did finding swimsuit fabric in the UK. You are right we have no hope for cool prints but I only managed to get a boring red. Your minty green is lovely, the frills are beautiful. Where did you get the fabric from?

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