Fold 2 | Kite fold tee and book fold trousers

kite fold tee and book fold trousers and giant origami boat

The last outfit I’m sharing as part of Madeit Patterns’ new collection launch week is made up of a Kite Fold Tee and Book Fold Trousers for S. I’ve already blogged about the Kite Fold Tee so I won’t talk about it again (if you want the details you can read about it here).

The Book Fold Trousers feature diagonal pockets, forward twisting leg seams, double darts (which match up neatly at the leg seams), a distinctive diagonal fly, and contrasting turn ups which cleverly allows for extra growing room. I really liked the design of these trousers the first time I saw them and made a pair for my nephew’s birthday as part of the testing process, in black cotton twill with navy cotton for the contrast pieces.

book fold trousers from madeit patterns in blue and black

I didn’t love the look of the exposed snaps on the diagonal fly so made an easy adjustment to hide them within the fly leaving a button closure on the waistband. In the end, I liked the trousers so much I was almost reluctant to give them away, so I set about making a second pair for S.
kite fold tee and book fold trousers 2

This time I used grey denim with neon pink cotton and thread for the contrast pieces so they would co-ordinate with the tee. I decided against contrast turn-ups as less is often more with neon. Instead I added unlined extra length (which is turned under in these photos).
kite fold tee and book fold trousers back view

If you’ve seen my other Madeit outfits this week you may have noticed I’ve been letting the pattern name inspire the origami in the shots. Flowers for the Petal Fold Playsuit and water balloons for the Balloon Fold Dresses. Todays choice was a little more tenuous, instead of making origami kites I used several kite fold bases to make a crown and a giant origami boat because H and I just really fancied making one (although I’m sure there’s a newspaper/book fold link in there somewhere!).
kite fold tee and origami boat


There’s still 20% of all the new patterns until Sunday, and pattern prizes and Nosh Organic fabric vouchers to be won. Just check Needle and Ted’s page for details.

11 thoughts on “Fold 2 | Kite fold tee and book fold trousers

  1. Blimey Toya you have been very busy, remember its the last day of the shows today so you can have a rest tomorrow, lol.
    What can I say about the giant origami boat it’s as awesome as the outfit you made and the crown is just super! thank you so much for taking part and making so many lovely outfits with our patterns 🙂

    1. It was my pleasure Anna, – as I said I only made the ones I loved anyway so it was a treat. Actually I’ve had a whole month off sewing but I was very busy before that!

  2. Yay! Girls can rock book fold trousers too, Totally gender neutral outfit you have created.

    Thanks to your clever idea we have now added concealed press fasteners into the tutorial.

    I have 1 question. Did you use any cellotape for the giant origami boat?

    1. I want to lie and say no cellotape but in fact I did use it liberally to tape the 16 pieces of newspaper together to make one large sheet, from then on the power of origami alone.

    1. S was going through a ‘pink’phase at the beginning of the summer, using neon and combining it with grey was a way of keeping us both happy. Luckily she’s widened her choice of favourite colours to pink, red and yellow now!

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