Two Cute

Newborn twin girl outfits homemadeThese two little outfits were a gift I made for my dear friend Clemmie’s recently arrived twin girls. Clemmie is a midwife/mother/author/blogger and all round superstar who was an incredible support to me before and after the birth of my youngest daughter. It turned out to be a very difficult experience, and her support is something I will always be enormously grateful for. The arrival of her twins gave me an excuse to do something nice for her -not that I really needed the excuse to make tiny, cute things!!.newborn ziggy sweatshirts

For the tops I used the baby Ziggy pattern from Made-it Patterns and cotton french terry from The Sweet Mercerie. I used white ribbing for the neckline as I didn’t have a matching rib but wanted to make sure the neckline’s were as stretchy as possible. I was a little jealous of the pink sweatshirt so made myself a Linden sweatshirt with the rest of the fabric.DSC_3926.jpgnewborn tiny baby harem pants

The pants were made using the free tiny baby harem pants pattern from the Alison Show. I have made them before as newborn gifts. The printed fabric on the left is cotton sweatshirt fleece, again from The Sweet Mercerie and the flecked grey fabric on the right is a sweater knit from Girl Charlee.

handmade knitted baby bonnets with pom poms

I was enjoying making tiny things so much I also got my knitting needles out for the first time in about 5yrs and attempted these simple grey bonnets with contrast pom poms. Pretty cute, but not nearly as cute as newborn twins.

17 thoughts on “Two Cute

  1. So many wonderful things here: newborn girl twins, handmade clothing for them, those hats, and a sweatshirt for you!

  2. Oh my goodness! I am obsessed with those bonnets! Did you use any specific pattern for them? I’m not a knitter myself, but they are stinking cute I might just have a go at it.

    1. I’m not an experienced knitter either, so these are very simple I just knitted a 2:1 rectangle with a seam (or 3 point cast off) down the back, then I added an edge for the bottom with a few decreases at the back by the neck. Not sure if that is helpful at all but as I’m not a great knitter I have no idea how to write the pattern down as I’m doing it!

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