To Infinity and Beyond

DIY galaxy print infinity scarf and space print Groove dressMy youngest daughter and I have been doing lots of space themed drawing and painting recently so I got her involved coming up with ideas for the space dress she’d dreamt up.

DSC_3982 (1)

I love the stage of artistic development she is at so much at the moment that I’d really have loved the fabric to be exactly as she’d painted it – with rockets and planets and stars. Without the technology to get this onto fabric at home, I had to stick to translating her ideas into simple shapes that could be stencilled in one colour.


I then cut out the design from sticky-backed vinyl and applied to a screen for printing.

diy screen printed space print jerseyThe design was then applied to pre-cut pieces of cotton jersey using black fabric paint. The pattern I used was a test version of the new Groove dress by Madeit patterns. Once applied I cleaned my screen and removed/destroyed the stencil before realizing I’d cut out the pattern pieces wrong, using the front piece twice instead of a back pieces. Aaaarrrrgghhh!

diy space print Groove dressAs there seemed to be no going back at this point I made the dress up with the wrong pieces meaning that the neckline dips a little too much at the back. Luckily that’s easily covered with a galaxy print scarf!infinite scarf winfow

I’ve made a tutorial for the aforementioned scarf which I’m sharing over on the Petit a Petit and Family blog today.

diy galaxy print infinity scarf tutorial

8 thoughts on “To Infinity and Beyond

  1. Awesome as ever! Actually I should say it’s out of this world! The 2 fronts issue could have been worse. I love the hot pink.

  2. You really should have your own line of fabric. I’d buy it.

    Shame about your Groove Dress and it wasn’t at all your fault. So sorry to ruin a dress that was going to be out of this world 😉

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