Inari x3

Inari tee and self drafted box tee

Yes those are matching outfits, again. As far as I’m concerned we won’t ever be wearing them at the same time again, but as my youngest has different ideas there may have to be some strategic hiding of her t-shirt in the wash basket whenever I want to wear mine.

The t-shirts in question are made up with some lovely jersey from The Sweet Mercerie. My daughter’s was made using a self-drafted pattern that I’ve been working on ( I shared another version of it on the Petit a Petit and family site last month). It features a slightly dipped hem and rolled cuffs.

self drafted box tee My t-shirt was made using the Inari Tee dress pattern from Named Clothing. I made a straight size 12 adding about an inch extra in length, because whilst I wanted to keep the cropped boxy shape there is no home in my wardrobe for an actual crop top.

Inari tee in anchor print

Inari tee and self drafted box tee

And as it’s out of the question not to use up every last scrap of good quality jersey the leftovers from my 2 metres of anchor print were made into pants for my eldest daughter using another self-drafted pattern and some fold-over elastic at the waistDSC_6026I’ve actually made 3 versions of the Inari Tee dress already but have never got round to sharing them. They are so quick to sew and have fast become a useful wardrobe basic. inari

The two above are made with a lightweight brushed blue cotton shirting (from Simply Fabrics) with bias bound neckline and ikat woven cotton from Fabrics Galore with a matching knit rib neckline.DSC_5418DSC_5416


4 thoughts on “Inari x3

  1. Gorgeous Toya! I love them all…I’m considering finally to make an Inari…probably starting with a T-shirt because I’m not sure my hips would look nice on the dress…but I really love how it looks on you!

    1. Thanks! I was a bit worried about the hip thing too as I’m pear shaped I normally like to make things with a waist, but I think the subtle cocoon works much better than I thought it would. I did a google search and looked at the dress on lots of different shapes before I plucked up the courage to try it myself.

  2. I love your Inari top! And I feel the same way about crop tops, so I will definitely have to do what you did. Your dresses are lovely, too. I only got around to making myself one recently, but I definitely want to make more now that I’ve seen yours. I also really like the shape of the top you made for your daughter, too.

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