Splash swimsuit

One of the sponsors of London Sew Social (a European children’s sewing enthusiasts get together) was UpCraft Club  (a modern sewing association for people who especially love using digital patterns). This gave me the opportunity to try out the Splash Swimsuit pattern from Lily Sage & Co, my first attempt at a home sewn swimsuit for myself.

Also taking part in the mini tour of patterns available at UpCraft Club is:

Needle and Ted who made some Dressage Leggings

By Eva Maria who made a hacked version of the Sparrow Top

My Cozy Co who made the Senna Tote

Back to the Splash Swimsuit – it comes with a size range of 6 – 18. That said, the sizes are far from generous -by the chart I needed to grade from a size 14 on top to a size 16 for the bottoms (I normally fit a size 12 rtw UK). After making a trial run I made a straight size 14 and probably could have done with making the waistband slightly tighter still. I also lowered the leg slightly for a bit more coverage.


The construction methods all seemed pretty neat to me, although I’m still a novice when in comes to swimwear, and the final result is definitely the nicest swimsuit I think I’ve ever had. I found the straps quite long so shortened them and replaced the ties with clasps.

The plain navy spandex came from Tia Knight, but the chevron swimsuit fabric and lining came all the way from The Fabric Fairy as I’ve yet to find a range of nice , reasonably priced swimsuit fabric in the UK.

The girls also picked out some floral fabric from the extensive range and I managed to eek out two swimwear sets using 1 metre of fabric.just keep on swimming swimsuits

These sets were made using the many optioned Just Keep Swimming pattern from The Wolf and the Tree. I loved the the fact the style keeps their shoulders and backs more protected from the sun.  I made the short sleeved tankini option shortening the shirts slightly to get all the pieces out of the limited fabric. I tried the construction method suggested for the pants but wasn’t happy with the finished look as I struggled to sew the spandex neatly enough. To get a neater finish I decided to take them apart and extend the leg bands all the way round the leg openings instead. I also lined the bottoms.DSC_6565

Sewing with spandex can take a little patience and different types/thicknesses tend to behave slightly differently. When I hemmed with a single stretch stitch the hem rippled horribly.DSC_6566

..but sat nice and flat with a twin needle.DSC_6568just keep on swimming floral swimsuit

I also made a second colour-blocked cropped top version for my older daughter using up some of the left over navy spandex from my costume.just keep on swimming colour blocked two piece swimsuitcolour blocked swimsuitcolour blocked swim top

8 thoughts on “Splash

  1. Love all of your swim suits!! Summer is pretty much over for us but I have several suits I’d like to make…next year I guess!

  2. I love your swimsuits! My girls keep asking me to make them one, so I think one of these days I need to work up the courage. Your Splash Swimsuit is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I really love what you have done here – especially the chevron one – it’s sort of Art Deco. I have never made one – I don’t swim that much and have a few OK ones in my drawer. But as you say the fabrics aren’t really available here, unfortunately.

  4. As you know I love your swimsuit, it’s just brilliant. But I never knew you made the girls swimwear too. How you managed to squeeze all those in I do not know. They look great. I’m hoping I can squeeze another in before the end of summer for my little one. And I think I’ll try your suggestion with the bottoms next time to make them a little neater. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Lovely Toya! your new swimming suit looks amazing! that fabric is so good and really goes so well with the design of the suit. The flower’s swimwear is so cute!!! I love that fabric too.

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