Fairytale flower girl dresses


Back in August my daughters were delighted to be asked to be flower girls at my brother’s wedding. Why it’s taken me until October (especially when in an unusual burst of organisation I made them in May) to blog about them I’m not quite sure.

As it was a fairly informal garden wedding I had suggested that I just made them both a nice summer dress, but they were adamant they wanted matching traditional style occasion dresses. I imagine there won’t be many more years that they might request this so I was happy to oblige and chose to use a version of the Oliver + S Fairytale dress with slightly more volume added to the skirt.

dsc_5516I managed to make them both with the smaller selection of sizes as the larger dress is just a lengthened size 4.dsc_5514The smaller dress is a straight size 3. To increase the volume of both the skirts I increased the width of the pattern pieces by half again.dsc_5513

View A of the pattern features tulip sleeves and a sewn on waistband with faux bow detail.dsc_5266

The fabric for the dresses wasn’t actually harvested from curtains, but from some vintage bedsheets I’d picked up in a car boot sale on holiday in France.dsc_6947

So that’s fairytale dresses for a fairytale wedding out of old bed sheets.dsc_6962


9 thoughts on “Fairytale flower girl dresses

  1. Oh they’re so pretty! I’m extremely impressed by you sewing in May for an August wedding and for sewing TWO fairy tale dresses. That pattern is no joke! They look great.

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