Petit a Petit pattern tour

loveralls3Today I’m joining the Petit a Petit and Family pattern tour with some versions of the Loveralls that I made during the testing process. dsc_7865First up the dungarees version option A made up in coated medium weight stretch denim from Fabrics Galore. I graded between a 5 and a 9 and then added some extra length in the leg (hence the turn-ups) for the larger size and between a 3 and a 4 (again with extra leg length) for the smaller size.  The strap attachment at the back has changed on the final version on the pattern to help with the tendency to slip of the shoulder that this version has.dsc_7844I’ve always been a big fan of dungarees (although not on myself) so it’s no surprise that I love them, the girls like them too and the uniform policy at their school is relaxed enough to allow them so they’re new wardrobe favourites.dsc_7803

The coordinating t-shirts are made using the Rowan tee pattern by Titchy Threads in some great value lovely thick double sided cotton knit fabric bought at Crescent Trading.dsc_7801Most of the hardware – heavy duty snaps, rivets  were bought on ebay , and the dungaree clips from my Simply fabrics. I still found it impossible to get hardware the right size that all matched so there is a fair variety of bronze, gold and copper mixed together.dsc_7827

For the skirt versions I used upcycled fabrics. For my older daughter’s version (which Imade with the braces no bib version) I squeezed all the pieces out of an old corduroy skirt. Again I graded between 5 and 9, which worked reasonably well though it is probably a little large at the waist (which given her waist measurement was well below a 5 in the size chart was no surprise). dsc_8178

The pocket seam details at the back were born out of necessity -running out of usable fabric in a size 12 skirt. A problem that also resulted in some of the smaller pieces being cut slightly off grain. I also added a little folded ribbon detail.


The blouse is made using the Suzon shirt pattern from Republique du Chiffon, which I had to draft some long sleeves for to make it season appropriate. The fabric is from Simply Fabrics as is the coated knit fabric for the cardigan which I made using a lengthened version of the Goodall Cardigan.dsc_8197

For my younger daughter I made the version of the skirt with overall bib, using fabric left over from an old pair of jeans. Again the lack of usable fabric (I had already used most of the fabric for another upcycled project) forced me to use patchy two-toned pieces. dsc_8238

The ruffled-collar shirt in the photos is an old favourite (hence being too short in the arms now) made two summers ago and still getting plenty of wear.dsc_8226

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There is also a chance to win all of the Petit a Petit patterns by entering the rafflecopter giveaway below.
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16 thoughts on “Petit a Petit pattern tour

  1. So good my dear! Really love the back pockets on the corduroy skirt, sometimes not having enough fabric can be great! 😀 And the lengthened Goodall is something I definitely want to try! Super cool! The drawings are beautiful and the cherry on top of the delicious cake! ❤

  2. I love your versions of the pants and skirt Loveralls! I’m inspired to length the Goodall pattern now too 🙂 I can’t get over your illustrations…do you work for hire 😉 ?

  3. Wow Toya, I could not love this any more! Your styling is my absolute favorite. I’m dying over that corduroy skirt and paired with the sweet ruffle blouse is perfection (I’ve had my eye on that pattern too). Simply gorgeous and super cool at the same time. And your illustrations….I would hang those on my wall in a heart beat!

    1. We must have similar tastes Mie, as I felt the same way looking through your post. I really like the blouse pattern and am looking forward to making it in summer versions.

  4. Honestly? I’ve never ever been on a tour with such a high standard. And every day I think it can’t get better. And I”m wrong. Toya, your makes are awesome! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Oh my! YOu went above and beyond and created such beautiful pieces for your girls. I looooooooooooooooooooooove the matchy sister look you went for for the overalls. Such attention to detail! Love the skirts also. Some creative piecing only added interest I think. Two tome skirt is fab 🙂

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