Birthday dress up


As my youngest daughter’s birthday falls just after Halloween we celebrated with a small fancy dress party with a Halloween themed treasure hunt, a haunted house cake, Day of the Dead decorations and printing activity (which I blogged about over at Petit a Petit and Family). For anyone who’s read this blog before it’s probably no secret that I delight in making a costume, but honestly a princess costume wasn’t really what I had in mind. It was however, very firmly what my 4 year old had in mind and no amount of anti-princess culture rants from me could change it.

dsc_8745To give myself a bit of inspiration I secretly turned my princess dress commission into a Marie Antoinette costume but as the end result was met with approval no one needs to know. I tried where possible to make use of fabric I already had and dyed most of the pieces with a tea dye bath to give them all a beige tint. The pattern is a simple self-drafted bodice with 3/4 sleeves and a full gathered skirt, with lots of lace, ribbon, tulle and bead trimming details.dsc_8774The dress fastens at the back with an invisible zip. As is obvious by the photos no ironing was used in the process of making this dress, but the time saved ironing was used in hand gathering ribbon and stitching on details.dsc_8775Despite my best efforts I thoroughly enjoyed making the dress, but don’t tell anyone, or it might weaken my position in those aforementioned anti-princess culture rants.dsc_8753


9 thoughts on “Birthday dress up

  1. I love the idea of using a tea bath dyeing process to give the beige tint! Love the Marie Antoinette feel of this princess dress, and may have to find ways to do this for my girls. They love princessy dresses, and I love historical. Win-win I’d say!

  2. I adore this! I’ll have to start on one right away- not sure how much longer “princessy” will be the thing my 8 (going on 18) year old will be into!! May have to make a Mother-of-the-Princess version too!! 😛

  3. Thank you for this, my girls want Schuyler sisters dresses and I didn’t know how to start, it seemed super overwhelming but you post gave me a great starting point. Great job 🙂

    1. I think if you start with a dress with a simple bodice and skirt pattern it should be relatively easy and hopefully fun to add lots of ribbon and trim (but it did take quite a long time!) Good luck!

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