Handmade Christmas Gifts 2016

dsc_9618Predictably, last year’s vow of starting to make Christmas presents earlier than say the last week before the 25th didn’t amount to much so there ended up being less homemade gifts than I’d have liked, but hopefully those I did make were gratefully received.

The first gift was going to be a pair of monochrome half square triangle patchwork cushions. For some reason though I decided on squares of 5cmx5cm so by the time I’d the sewn the 204 pieces (200 for the front, 3 for the piping and 1 for the back) of fabric together for the first cushion I ran out of time (and will).

I used (attempted to use) the method shown in this video tutorial for making the multiple half square triangle pieces but without a quilting ruler or large cutting mat (mine is slightly smaller than A1) it didn’t work out very well. I might try the magic 8 method next time. (If there ever is one)dsc_9103Next up, a gift that was more an indulgence for myself. A set of rompers and coordinating bonnets for my baby nieces. I used Simplicity 1600 for the rompers but altered it to add poppers to the crotch because I can’t imagine any parent let alone parents of twins wanting clothes that made changing more difficult. Otherwise the pattern is lovely although it also features a pattern for some sort of baby bikini??. It did seem to run a little large for the suggested sizes which left this set with plenty of growing room (no bad thing).dsc_9105

The grey starry fabric is soft ByPoppy needlecord bought at Fabrics Galore. The pink fabric is Robert Kaufman flannel.dsc_9106For the bonnets I resized my winter bonnet pattern and lined them with fleece.dsc_9401

And then to the last gift this year. An annual soft toy make for my nephew based on his current interests, which has moved on from undersea creatures (I’ve previously made him whales and an octopus) to dinosaurs.img_0567I drafted the pattern pieces myself and inexplicably managed to give my triceratops 4 horns on the first attempt. The second version was a little better if a little plump. He/she is made in cotton scraps.img_0568

11 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Gifts 2016

  1. Great, beautiful and very accomplished presents. Especially the triceratops. Did you ever see the overstuffed walrus at the Horniman?

    1. Yes! – it made me think of that, and the dinosaurs in crystal palace park – Victorian scientists assumed that dinosaurs were a plump bunch.

  2. Wow, you did a great job! It’s already in my agenda for 2017 to start with the gifts somewhere in September, I didn’t have a single handmade gift this year and was even awfully late with shopping, so I’m trying to do better this edition… The triceratops is fab, but I LOVE the black and white pillow! (though I’d go for a triangle print if I ever get round to copying it…)

  3. I’ve also used that pattern by simplicity and found them to run big from the size guide. I love the idea of making it in a flannel for winter. I adore your winter bonnets. I’m in the process of making a coordinating summer bonnet to match the romper using the pattern. Great job!! The dinosaur is incredible!

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