World Book Day 2017


Somehow it’s March again, and time for World Book Day. Apologies to the parents who dread the day but we always get carried away with this one (unlike Christmas jumper day?! or dress like you favourite sports personality day!!??!!). This year my eldest wanted to be another character from the Amulet series .(The youngest isn’t at school yet so no costume for her) .Last year she dressed as the main character Emily, and this year she requested the elf mayor Riva Ash, which happily meant being able to reuse last year’s gloves/some ordinary clothes.img_0510First up a yellow jacket – where possible I try not to buy anything when making costumes, but I didn’t have any yellow fabric so thought I’d have a go and dyeing some natural cotton drill I had with onion skins.

I boiled up a fairly large amount of yellow onion skins in water in the biggest pan I had (not big enough as it turned out) for about half an hour. When I tested the colour it was a bit too brown in colour so I added some turmeric and boiled it some more. I then removed the onion skins added a large glug of white wine vinegar and added the fabric. I simmered it for about 10 minutes took it off the heat and left it for half an hour or so. I tried to stir the fabric a bit but the pan wasn’t really big enough which led to the colour being a little patchy. But that colour was gorgeous! so I’ll take a little bit patchy. It will be interesting to see how the colour fades with washing, as I think it is a technique I’ll definitely use again, along with experimenting with avocado pit dye.

The piece of cotton drill was fairly small so I had to cut the jacket back in two pieces and with the grain running in different directions. I didn’t use a pattern but free hand cut the pieces and trimmed pieces to fit as I sewed them up.

dsc_0410Her jeans are another pair of Twisted Trousers by Titchy Threads which I made a couple of months ago. The pattern is one of our staples.

The snood/face scarf is a simple tube made from cotton jersey which I can see her wearing for non costume purposes too. The steam punk goggles were borrowed from a friend and, falling at the last hurdle I bought the elf ears.dsc_0387Lastly the back pack – a simple tote bag shape made from cotton drill with straps for the shoulders and a couple inside to try and hold the shape of the bag.dsc_0417


9 thoughts on “World Book Day 2017

  1. Absolutely incredible Toya! I’m literally sitting here staring at my computer screen! WOW! And you cut that jacket free hand?!?! Um, that’s impressive, it looks so perfect! And ugh we are always lost on those sporty themed dress up days too 😉

  2. Bravo. I have no idea who she is but I love the whole look especially the vibrant yellow jacket. When I first saw the post I thought it included a recipe. Which it did.

    1. She liked being a character that not many people know – and took her book with her to school to show anyone who asked which I love as the whole point of Book Day is to get kids enthusiastic and maybe reading new books as well as the much loved ones.

  3. This is so so cool, I’d 100% wear this and I don’t even know the character 😂 I love that you got such a vivid yellow from natural dyes, I really want to try this!! what a cute costume!

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