Hoodies and Unicorns


As I mentioned in my post on making jeans I made a pair for my daughter at the same time. Of course that only made the process slower but with all the changing between top-stitching thread and ordinary thread it did seem more efficient it the long run.DSC_0950

I used the Jagger jeans pattern by Made-it patterns (again). Grading from a size 5 in width to a size 10 in height which will allow for some growing room. The fabric is the same stretch denim from Ditto Fabrics that I used for my Ginger jeans.

To create the star design on the back pocket I top-stitched through a paper template onto the pocket and tore the paper away after stitching.DSC_0921

For a requested unicorn t-shirt I free hand cut the pieces first using another t-shirt as a guide and painted the design before sewing the pieces together.

I drew a design onto paper which you can resize (if necessary) and print below. unicorntemplateThe design was traced directly onto the t-shirt fabric using a black fabric pen (I used a Stained Sharpie fabric pen which has a nice fine brush tip) by placing the paper design under the fabric. I found my fabric was see-through enough to trace straight through, but if it wasn’t you could put the design and fabric onto a light-box or tape to a window. To be on the safe side I set the design with an iron before adding colour using watered down Setacolor translucent fabric paints and ironing again.hand painted unicorn t shirt

DSC_0951Finally, as it’s still too cold to be considered t-shirt weather I made a hoodie, using supersoft Twinkle Grey Fabric by Atelier Brunette from Maud’s Fabric Finds. The pattern is the Hatteras Hoodie by Hey June which I graded between size 6 and 10, and it has been in constant use ever since.DSC_0867


6 thoughts on “Hoodies and Unicorns

    1. Oh thanks – I spend a quite a lot of time teaching illustration and drawing so I absolutely believe it’s a teachable/learnable skill but it does take a fair bit of practice and patience – alternatively I don’t see anything wrong with tracing!

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