Spring Bunny comes home

Bunny toy illustration for free sewing patternLast year I created a pattern and tutorial for a little bunny over on Petit a Petit and family, and as it’s spring bunny time of year again I though I’d bring it home.
Free easter bunny soft toy sewing pattern

The pattern is designed for any light to mid weight woven fabric, and those small (and sometimes a a bit fiddly) pieces are perfect for using up scraps. I used a mixture of embroidery and fabric paint for adding details but you could use any combination to customize to your own tastes.

free bunny sewing patternDownload the  bunny pattern. For a less fiddly version and larger bunny you could always print at a larger scale.

The pattern is for the bunny itself. If you want to make it some clothes, Celina at Petit a Petit and Family has free patterns available on her site for the tip-top tunic and bloomers (I also added a little ruff).bunny tutorial

free bunny sewing patternDSC_4613

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