Farrah top

DSC_1541Chalk and Notch patterns are becoming firm favourites in both my daughters and my wardrobes so I was keen to volunteer to test sew Gabriela’s new release – the Farrah dress and top.

It has two different ruffle options – sleeve or bib in a long top or just-above-the-knee-length dress. I chose to make view A – top length with sleeve ruffle and chose a lightweight grey double gauze from Simply Fabrics in Brixton. I wanted something plain with some drape (a viscose probably would have been better).Farrah top view A by Chalk and Notch in double gauzeThe pattern itself is a simple enough sew although there are plenty of nice techniques in there – underarm gusset with bias binding finish, mitred hems understitched burrito rolled yoke. The trickiest part was, as I chose not to line the ruffles in the hope they would drape better for this choice of fabric, the ruffles required rolled hems. I used a rolled hem foot for the first time which made the job much easier, but because it was my first time using it, and the hem was on a curve it definitely isn’t perfect.DSC_1557The yoke ended up a little bulkier than is ideal as I faced it with the same fabric, I probably should have used a single layer of voile instead, and/or cut down the interfacing for the neckline and armholes only instead of the whole yoke as suggested in the pattern, but that is specific for the choice of double gauze only.DSC_1526So it’s flouncier than most of my clothes, but I think that the boxy shape of the rest of the design balances that and I’m tempted to make a dress version if I can find some viscose/silk in a nice colour/print.DSC_1519

The pattern is on sale from today with a 25% discount until the 17th of April.

6 thoughts on “Farrah top

  1. I love it and I’m glad you tried the roll hem foot. I feel like it takes some practice and I still don’t always get it right but it does make it easier. It’s always such a pleasure to work together! Thanks for joining me Toya! XO

    1. Thank you. I was pleased I went for a plain colour while I like florals and frills I’m not sure I can cope with both at once!

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