Simplicity 8084

simplicity 8084 pocketsOne of the tricky things about sewing your own wardrobe is imagining what a finished garment will look like -deciding whether the style or fabric will suit you. It’s not a great feeling to invest a lot of time and cost of fabric in a piece that just doesn’t make you feel comfortable. I really try to only make clothes that I will love and wear until they fall apart. One way to minimise error is copy something you’ve seen someone else make that you know will be an everyday staple. I bought this fabric at Joann’s when I went to the US last year as denim look tencel is something I’ve not come across in any UK shops, and when I saw Trine’s (of Groovy Mama and Baby) version of Simplicity 8084 in the same fabric I felt confident it would be a dress I would love and find useful.simplicity 8084

…and I do. B

But there is a but…. For one the fabric was really drapey so some of the finishes were hard to get right – I’m pretty sure the hem isn’t sitting evenly but can’t actually work out which bit is shorter or longer so it’s going to stay as it is.simplicity 8084 front viewSecondly I want to talk about the ease in Simplicity patterns (and for the most part the other major pattern companies too). To me this dress doesn’t look like a dress that is a size too small. In fact it might be that the opposite is true.

simplicity 8084 side

I am happy with the size it turned out – for me it’s a style that works well with plenty of ease, but, I made a whole size smaller than the pattern puts me at. By measurements I should have made a size 14 – on a hunch (and Trine’s advice) I made the 12 and it’s still generous.Simplicity 8084 in denim look tencelLooking at the pattern envelope I can’t believe the model on the front is wearing her suggested size so I don’t really understand why the sizing info can’t be more helpful/accurate.simplicity 8084 placket detailAnyway it’s a perfect everyday dress (which also means workwear for me) so I will almost certainly make it again, perhaps in a slightly warmer fabric in the Autumn/Winter.


9 thoughts on “Simplicity 8084

  1. Very nice! Agree about the ease of the big pattern companies’ designs; I always try to check the finished garment measurements and compare them to similar clothes I already have. On this particular pattern the model is actually the designer, Mimi G – I’m sure you could contact her and ask about what size she made for herself! or @mimigstyle on Instagram.

  2. Oh I loooooove this! Is it tencel or modal chambray? The modal is absolutely shifty, so soft to wear but so curse-worthy to sew. I do actually think this looks like the right size on you though, but extra length in the bodice might make it feel too big. (Not that anyone outside the sewing world would ever recognize such a thing!) Beautiful sewing!

    1. Honestly I can’t remember what it said at joanns but I definitely havent seen it here and it is as shift as can be! Maybe I was confusing in my post – I’m not great at writing – I do think I made the right size but it is a relaxed fit and if I’d made the size the pattern suggested it would have been huge!

  3. I love the style! It looks wearable and comfortable! I have the same problem with ease in Simplicity patterns. I never know what size to make and usually end up with something too big or too small. Maybe we should be measuring the pattern pieces instead of going by the measurements on the packaging.

    1. Thanks -I generally to end up measuring the pattern pieces but just find it so frustrating that they can’t make a basic helpful guideline!

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