Mccalls 5975

striped dress front and back

Back in April, I copied was inspired to make a dress that I’d seen on Trine’s (Groovy Mama and Baby) instagram feed, and I’ve been at it again, this time will McCall’s 5975.This was made a little trickier by the fact that the pattern is out of print, but I waited patiently for one to come up on eBay and managed to temporarily overcoming my dread of auction purchases.  mccalls 5975 2The aim was to end up with some fitted (but not tight body con style) dresses that would be comfortable and smart enough for work (and other daily life) purposes.

Using previous experience of McCall’s patterns I made the size smaller than my measurements would suggest and the fit was still relaxed enough.

Mccalls 5975 in striped stretch sweatshirting from Nosh organics

For my first version I used striped stretch sweatshirting in a colourway called ginger from Nosh organics. Pattern matching the stripes at the side seams was fairly straightforward but getting a good spacing at the waist seam required a bit of extra thought. The invisible zip down the back (which turned out to be unnecessary as the sweatshirting has so much stretch!) also provide a bit more challenge. After sewing one side of the zip in I marked the position of the stripes on the other side of the zip with washable pen before sewing. Although the pattern makes no mention of it a strip of fusible interfacing along the edges of the fabric where the zip was to be placed was also a must.mccalls 5975 frontThe sweatshirting is a lovely weight and feel but does have a tendency to curl so I blind-stitched the neck facing into place to keep it in position.mccalls 5975 in striped sweathsirtingFor my second version I used denim (look) sweatshirting also from Nosh. It has slightly less stretch than the stretch sweatshirting and feels more stable and hardwearing. (I have plans to make my daughters a number of pairs of leggings with the leftover fabric.) Because of the difference in the fabric this version feels slightly closer fitting and definitely benefitted from having the zip at the back.mccalls 5975 in denim collegeAs I’ll most likely wear this version over tights or leggings I made the hem an inch or two shorter than my previous version.

Testament to how useful this dress will prove is that I wore it immediately and didn’t take photographs until after I’d put it through the wash. As my ironing skills are distinctly sub-par it remains a little crinkled…mccalls 5975 denim college

*This post is a collaboration with Nosh Organics.


5 thoughts on “Mccalls 5975

  1. Very nice dresses and I’m interested to see the Nosh fabrics sewn up – have been considering ordering some myself. Would you say the denim-look stuff is firm enough to make adult skinny jeans, or more of a leggings weight?

    1. Hi – I have been looking for fabric like the denim sweatshirting for a while so I was really pleased to find it and it was perfect for what I wanted. I will be making leggings out of it but only because I want harder wearing fabric than leggings are usually made from. I probably wouldn’t make skinny jeans out of it either as I’d tend to use real denim with stretch for that. It is more equatable with what jeggings are usually made out of if that’s at all helpful? The fabric weight guide on the website might be helpful if you compare the weight of there jersey with the denim sweatshirting. There jersey is more like standard leggings weight.

  2. Oo, could I borrow the pattern? Or is it now cut to your size? Looks great, especially the stripey one. Would it work on ordinary non-stretch cotton? I might have to add a split to the skirt.

    1. I cut it down to size sorry! Also I think it would be best to not use this pattern for wovens as the darts and cut aren’t what they would be for a woven pattern on account of letting the stretch in the fabric do the work…

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