Alicorn jumpsuit

alicornjumpsuit with rainbow

Take a screenprinting workshop in Amsterdam, 1 metre of jersey fabric and the whims of a 4yr old and apparently an alicorn jumpsuit is the natural result.

Screen printing in Amsterdam

Back in May I had a lovely trip to Amsterdam (my first!) with a group of sewing blogger buddies. It was such a treat and the perfect mix of eating, drinking, chatting, flea marketing, walking, art galleries, a bit of fabric shopping and best of all, a screen printing workshop with Barbara of Bobbinhood.

As someone who often runs workshops it was a real luxury to be a participant (although I soon found myself short and time and flustering to finish!) especially as Barbara is an inspiring teacher. Her manifesto for Bobbinhood is one I can relate to although she articulates it far better than I could.

One of the best tips I picked up was printing the fabric with a layer of fleece underneath it, the bounce makes for perfectly crisp results!


wiggle jumpsuit in screenprinted alicorn jersey fabric

The whims of a 4yr old

When consulted on the design my youngest chose an alicorn or winged unicorn. We drew a few different designs and she picked her favourite.

The design is now available on Bobbinhood’s site as a free download  (along with lots of other designs) should you fancy printing it too.


The fabric

I printed the design onto 1 metre of grey/green jersey bought at N & N Stoffen. For the fabric paints I chose to use white, silver, gold and a black/silver mix.

wiggle jumpsuit in screenprinted alicorn jersey fabricThe jumpsuit

Over the weekend I shared a room with Olu from Needle and Ted which gave me the opportunity to talk her into sharing the as yet unreleased Wiggle Jumpsuit pattern from Madeit patterns. I made a few adjustments to the shape as it hasn’t been tested yet – lowering the crotch slightly and reducing the volume across the chest.closure on screenprinted alicorn wiggle jumpsuitThere are poppers on one shoulder (I believe these will be removed from the final design) and nice deep pockets.alicorn jumpsuitPerfect for posing…alicorn jumpsuit1

Nienke’s 4yr old also had dreams of unicorn print, you can see her creation here.

7 thoughts on “Alicorn jumpsuit

  1. Ooh, I’m very envious as I’d love to do a screen printing workshop and Amsterdam is a distinct possibility for me as my husband’s company is based there. Brilliant posing, by the way:)

    1. Ha! I was running out of time and getting very flustered. I really loved visiting Amsterdam and would love to go back again.

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