Summer Holiday sewing (part 2)

balloon fold dress in Nosh organicsAs explained in part 1 the onset of summer holidays marked the realisation there were very little non-school uniform clothes suitable for warm weather that still fit my daughters. To fill that gap I quickly to wait made a few basics to fill some of the gaps. balloon fold dress in Nosh organicsMy eldest daughter requested a balloon fold dress by Madeit Patterns as she had grown out of the one she’s been wearing for the last 2 years. The dress has a clever design that means it can be worn 3 ways – maxi length, turned under on the inside for a short bubble effect dress, or turned up on the outside for a short gathered waist dress.balloon fold dress2This time I used Pyry Jersey in denim and black from Nosh fabrics for the dress. For the main part of the dress I used the reverse side of the fabric to create a contrast effect and a spotted skirt when it is turned up on the outside.balloon fold dress backI graded between a size 6 in width and 10 in length. Alarmingly size 10 is the largest size the pattern goes up to which leaves me wondering what I’ll make next year…petal fold jumpsuit in origami bird fabricFor this summery jumpsuit I used the Pleat Fold Top and combined it with the bottom half of Chalk and Notch’s Top Knot Romper pattern.pleat foldThe origami bird fabric, bought at Simply Fabrics Brixton, seemed an appropriate match for the folded design but unfortunately I hadn’t bought quite enough to be able to pattern match so the line up of the pattern on the seams isn’t great.petal fold playsuit in striped linenAlong with the Petal Fold Playsuit I made her earlier this year my daughter now has a lovely collection of Madeit designs to take her through the summer holidays. Next week I’ll be joining their Back to school tour, using one of the same patterns to make a more uniformy sort of outfit.back-to-school-graphic41

Fabric from Nosh generously gifted


3 thoughts on “Summer Holiday sewing (part 2)

  1. I’m in exactly the same boat, what will I do next year when Darcy grows out of the Fold Collection 😉.

    Your idea to use the reverse of fabric for the balloon fold dress is utter genius. I hadn’t thought of that.

    And (not being bias) I absolutely love everything in your Summer holiday collection. Lucky girls.

  2. Hey, just wondering what sewing machine you use or would recommend? I’ve being using a travel light singer for a while that is seriously broken. Looking to get something that works and is a bit more robust. The big debate is old and faithful or new and fancy?

    1. Oh I would like the same advice! I have been using a fairly basic John lewis machine (which I think is essentially a janome for about 8 years now and when I bought it I didn’t sew nearly as much as I do now. Honestly it has been brilliant and I have managed to get it to sew through almost everything, but it can’t handle buttonholes or topstitching thread so I would love to get an upgrade now that I sew so much. It really depends how much you think you will sew and what kinds of project you’ll be doing. I’m a big fan of basic machines as a starting point as you can do so much with them but equally if you know you will use it a lot its probably worth investing – I’ve been eyeing up some of the semi industrial machines but really I don’t know. About 4 yrs ago I bought an overlocker too and although it isn’t necessary I have loved it and it has really allowed to to sew so much more confidently with knits as well as finish seams off much quicker when fancy finishes arent required. For this I went to a centre and tried them out and ended up investing in a more expensive Bernina800DL because the budget overlockers were sooo noisy! Not something I’d have been ably to tell online. SO i guess after my long waffle that would be my advice – if you can go somewhere and try them out but with a clear idea of functions you will actually need/use. Oh and if you find a good one let me know!

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