Embroidered with love

Embroidered denim jacket loveLiterally that is…Back when I made and embroidered a denim jacket for her elder sister it was obvious that my youngest would love one of her own (without having to wait the 5 yrs for the hand-me-down that is).

Embroidered denim jacket loveFortuitously I happened to find a second-hand jacket in a slightly too large size at a fleamarket for a euro or two and thought it would make a great holiday project (we went camping and sewing machines were not compatible!).

Armed with a selection of cotton embroidery threads and a needle I kept losing, I set to work, starting with the back panel. I market out the position and shape of the letters with a chalk pencils and freehand embroidered the flowers and leaves around them. I had seen this design in a few different formats as hoop embroidery but wanted to leave the letters a little more broken up – it’s not unfinished- or perhaps it’s deliberately unfinished!Embroidered denim jacket trojan recordsFor the other designs, most of which my daughter requested as I went along, I sketched out an outline with chalk pencil to keep my stitches neat(ish), but didn’t worry about a few wobbles.rainbow and rocket embroidered denim jacketA rocket and a chainstitch rainbow on one sleeve.star embroidered denim jacketA shooting star on the front.heart embroidered on sleeveAnd while the sleeves are still turned up a little heart is visible. By next year, the jacket should still fit but the heart won’t be visible – just a secret detail.

On the other sleeve a skull and crossbones, plus an ice cream cone and Trojan Records logo on the side of the body.

Embroidered denim jacket love


10 thoughts on “Embroidered with love

  1. Oh my word!
    This is just darling~ I love the work you put into each patch. And, that back- I’m sure that took some serious time and patience. I hope she loves her little designer piece- I do. In fact, I might just get to embroidering my own. Again, absolutely stunning work~

    ~Aja | artbyaja.com

      1. 😨 LOST?! Oh no- I remember those days! Well, I’m glad we can all get a chance to see it and enjoy it first. 😊

        ~Aja | artbyaja.com

    1. As I’m no expert at embroidery mine is pretty messy on the inside too! I made a bit of an effort to make sure there were no big stitches or tangles though so it doesn’t get spoilt or uncomfortable while wearing. I’ll try and take a photo and upload that too when I get a chance so you can see.

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